Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Queen's medal for Lincs bobby who invented national system...

A Lincolnshire Police Constable who invented a database now used by more than 40 police forces has been awarded the Queen's Police Medal.

PC Tony Pike devised and created a database to monitor and enforce road traffic legislation amongst haulage operators in Lincolnshire.

PIKE, as his system became known, is the only national database used by the British Police service that can carry intelligence relating to foreign registered vehicles.

It is used by over 40 police forces as well as agencies such as Revenue and Customs, and the Immigration Service and has assisted major crime investigations, such as the Morecambe Bay cockle pickers enquiry.

Tony joined the Lincolnshire Police as a Cadet over 30 years ago before joining the regular force in 1978. He spends much of his own time continuing to develop and update PIKE which is currently being piloted in the Netherlands.


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