Thursday, June 21, 2007

Chair of Governors which ordered expelled boy back to school is a top Tory...!

Those quick to blame the Government and the left for allowing a Lincolnshire boy back into school after he was expelled for threatening a teacher may be interested to learn that Chairman of the Governors who actually made the decision is a leading Tory!

Nick Carter is Executive member for Finance on Lincolnshire County Council. He also chairs the Governors of Gleed Secondary Modern School for Boys, Spalding. This was the body that over-turned their Head Teacher's ruling to permanently expel the 14-year old.

Nick Carter has not yet spoken publicly about the storm and I have no knowledge whether he supported over-turning the Head's expulsion.

Meanwhile, the row has escalated to today's Sun newspaper.

Interesting that my posts on this story yesterday HERE and HERE attracted comments blaming the Labour Government and 'the left...' for letting the boy back into school.

The truth is that the teaching unions are supporting the Head Teacher. The Governing Body - whose chairman is a Tory - returned the expelled boy to school.

Either way, I'm not yet in possession of all the facts, so reluctant to make a judgement on Nick Carter, his Governors or the Head Teacher.


Anonymous said...

You rather miss the point again Phil. I have said this so many times, and no doubt I am wasting my breath again, for I suspect even this will not penetrate your the concrete that is your skull. But here goes...

I am not a supporter of the current Conservative Party. If there were an election tomorrow, I wouldn't vote for them. Too many of them simply don't champion the principles I believe in(and the party used to believe in). I will name names then...Francis Maude(by far the worst culprit. It would be inconceivable to vote for the party before his destruction), Ken Clarke, the ridiculous Dave(surely a comic creation rather than a real person), the Goldsmith character and many many others. They may walk under a blue banner, but I refuse to endorse any fool's actions just because of the colour of their rosette.

Which brings us onto the point. I will not be held accountable for their actions. If the Tory Governor in this case thinks it is acceptable for a boy to threaten to kill his teacher(and let us be clear, this is exactly what has happened) then he is wrong. Plain and simple. This is why I used the term Left in this case, and not Labour(though there is a fair bit of cross over - rather like the Nazi Party and anti-semitism).

I accept it is a hard concept for you to understand Phil. So many in the Labour Party spent so long admiring Stalin, even when he was known to be a mass murderer, because he parroted the proletariat line. Not me. If the man is wrong, then I will say it.

So my question again. Under what circumstances would it EVER be acceptable for a teacher to be expected to teach a boy who had threatened to kill him/her? This you see is my point. Phil/Liz/the allegedly Tory Governor and their fellow travellors from the left just don't have their heart in this one. Soft on discipline.

fairdealphil said...


as usual, you are making huge assumptions.

Anonymous said...

And as usual, you are not answering the question.

I won't bother asking a third time, it is obviously beyond you.