Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Cameron appeases the right-wing hardliners: UPDATED.

Part of David Cameron's 'Save Dave' relaunch yesterday was to meet a delegation from the Cornerstone Group of right-wing Tory MPs to assure them he's really on their side.

Cornerstone's president is Lincolnshire MP Edward Leigh and it's chairman is John Hayes, MP for South Holland and the Deepings.

As Cameron attempted to tell the public that he wanted the Tories to be on the centre ground of British politics, he was privately pandering to the right-wingers who are chuffed with his performance to date.

After all, Dave flip-flop caved in to his own right-wing's obsession with Europe by agreeing to leave the mainstream EPP grouping. The price the Tories are paying is isolation in Europe.

And he did a spectacular u-turn on his 'no more grammars' policy, by agreeing there could be some new grammar schools, but only in certain areas.

And then inserting a line in his speech yesterday promising a 'grammar stream' in every school following pressure from Edward Leigh and Cornerstone.

Whatever next...?

Well, it's worth noting that Cornerstone recently called for the NHS to be replaced by a system of compulsory private healthcare.

Right-wing Tory MP for Northampton, Brian Binley, who met with Cameron yesterday said:

I don’t have to tell you that I am considered on the right of the party and I’m delighted that our views, our political concerns are being considered very seriously in the policy review group.
UPDATE: Links added to to Independent story Right wingers step up pressure on Cameron and Daily Mail story Tory right reopens battle on Grammars.


Anonymous said...

Dave Cameron's formula of a grammar stream in schools?

How is that different from Labour's vigorous promotion of City Academies?

If there is a difference, I would like Phil to tell me what it is.

Anonymous said...

I was at Cameron's speech in Tooting and Edward Leigh was definitely not there.

Anonymous said...

They seek him here
They seek him there
But Edward Leigh is
I wonder where?

He wasn't there again today
I wish Edward Leigh would go away

From Tooting grim
To Gainsborough fair
One things for sure
Edward's not there

fairdealphil said...


Tooting...long way from skeggy!

i'm not surprised that Edward Leigh - nor John Hayes - nor any other member of the Right Wing Cornerstone Group of Tory MPS were not there...

Cameron's public spin was that it's ok, he's not right wing.

His meeting with Cornerstone - saying it's Ok, he's on their side, was of course in private.

Well away from Tooting.