Thursday, June 14, 2007

More farce in Tory Grammar School wars...

Lincs MP John Hayes has joined the chorus of Tories backing more Grammar Schools - with words that would probably have earned him the sack from David Cameron's front bench just a couple of weeks ago.

In an article in the Spalding Guardian, headlined MP passionate in support of grammar school system MP for South Holland and the Deepings, John Hayes says he supports what he calls his party's new policy on the creation of grammar schools.

Mr Hayes' former colleague on the Tory front benches Graham Brady lost his job for much less passionate support for building new grammar schools after Tory 'Leader' Cameron condemned the 11-plus as wrongly splitting children into 'sheep and goats'.

But Mr Brady made his remarks before Cameron's complete cave-in and collapse, as the rebellion at every level of his party threatened his leadership.

Mr Hayes, a Shadow Education Minister is now able to say that he backs his party's latest position, which supports creating new grammar schools in areas like Lincolnshire which still has selection at secondary level - and which Mr Cameron condemned as not the right way forward just days before his u-turn.

Mr Hayes told his local paper:

I am passionate in my support for the local grammar schools and the system they are a part of.

I am proud of them and I am delighted the party will continue to support them as pledged.

They are doing an excellent job and if Lincolnshire should need to build additional schools in the future due to a growing population, that would be granted.
So now Cameron is stuck with a policy that was precisely the opposite of the one he set out to achieve.

When Cameron opened up the grammar school debate last month (when he was trying to shut it down!), he claimed it was all about leadership...

Now everyone can see exactly what he means!


Anonymous said...

Phil this horse is dead. Stop flogging it. It's almost glue.

We all agreed twenty posts ago. Dave is wrong on Grammar schools and virtually his whole party has told him.

This blog contains very little about Labour achievements. But then it is hard to write posts about non-existent things. If this is the sum of Labour presentation, then you lot are done for.

PS. Shouldn't you change the blog headers. You no longer represent the people you claim to. Not since they chose to be represented by Tories. A warning if ever there was one.

Anonymous said...

Twenty posts ago, City Academies were the new Grammar Schools.

They still are.

Naturally Tory backwoods want to raise the spectre of building new Grammar Schools as an ideological stick to beat Dave Cameron, and this is an enjoyable spectator sport for Phil and for me.

But all his blogging cannot conceal that Tories and Labour have almost identical education policies, the money is going to new build City Academies controlled by unaccountable sponsors who put in derisory sums of money in return.

Tweedledum and tweedledee.

fairdealphil said...


believe me, tory grammar wars has a long way to run.

watch and learn michael. watch and learn.

Labour achievements...?

well, a strong economy, low interest rates and inflation, the NHS saved and modernised with more doctors, more nurses, overall crime down with more police, schools results improved, with more teachers...

That's only the first ten years.

Imagine what Labour can do over our next decade...

fairdealphil said...


yes, it's good to see that even the Tories are trying to back Labour's education policy as the way forward...

...even if Cameron is too weak to convince his own party that Grammar Schools are not achieving what they set out to do...

i appreciate btw, that i have not posted any detailed thoughts on academies - and in particular in a Lincolnshire context - but will when i get a few minutes!!!

Anonymous said...

Watch and learn?

You said the same thing about losing the election and coming up with some bogus excuse about posters that (you claimed) was wrong about your expenses. I am assuming by the lack of action the pamphlet was true. Or are you waiting for all the planets to align before proceeding?