Tuesday, June 12, 2007

My wife meets Madeleine's parents...

My wife Gill briefly met the parents of missing four-year-old Madeleine McCann last week - on the same day they were grilled by German media questioning whether they had anything to do with the disappearance.

Gill was at a conference in Berlin, and didn't realise she was in the same hotel as Kate and Gerry McCann from Leicestershire. When she saw them, she went over to offer best wishes.

Gill says Madeleine's mum looked even more gaunt, exhausted and vacant than she appears on television, which is of course hardly surprising after going through every parent's worst nightmare.

But last Wednesday must have been one of the worst days since little Madeleine went missing more than a month ago from the Portuguese holiday resort of Praia da Luz.

They were touring Europe's capital cities trying to sustain media interest in Madeleine's story.

At an extraordinary press conference in Berlin,German Radio reporter Sabina Mueller asked them:

How do you feel about the fact that more and more people seem to be pointing the finger at you, saying the way you behave is not the way people would normally behave when their child is abducted and they seem to imply that you might have something to do with it?
The couple were naturally shocked by the question. Gerry's voice shook with emotion as he replied:
I have never heard before that anyone considers us suspects in this and the Portuguese police certainly don't. Without going into too much detail, we were with a large group of people, and you know there is absolutely no way Kate and I are involved in this abduction.
Looking horrified, Madeleine's mum said she thought that only a very small minority of people that are criticising us.

When Madeleine first went missing, there were questions raised about why they left their children in their holiday apartment while they went for a meal.

I certainly remember doing exactly the same when our children were small.


Anonymous said...

If you remember leaving your children alone when they were very small then you should be absolutely ashamed of yourself.

Anonymous said...

Fair Deal for everyone except the children.I would not have left our children alone for any length of time whether at home or on holiday. Do you leave you're wallet lying unattended or is it just the things you consider unimportant.
You Pillock.

Anonymous said...

'Fair Deal Phil'
Are you seriously advocating leaving infant children all alone whilst parents go off wining & dining?? Are you aware that this amounts to neglect & is against the law?
You say you and your wife did this when your children were young? Shame on you both!
There is No meal, No night out, No so-called friends worth risking my precious children's safety for.
Pity your children weren't given a "fair deal" Phil!
S Morrison. Perth, Australia.

PGTips said...

Do your children cramp your style or something? How anyone is defending these illegal actions is beyond me, and I am especially dumbfounded that these kids wetre left alone in Portugal of all places, which has the most child-friendly restaurants and caf├ęs in Europe.
Why on earth we are supposed to look up to politicians and doctors is a mystery to me, they seem more flawed than the rest of us.

Anonymous said...

Are you proud that you left your children alone? You do realize leaving children alone is against the law. Are you entitled in some way that you are excluded by this law as the Mccanns seem to be.
If I left my children alone to go out to eat I would be under investigation by the Dept. of Social Services. The reason their daughter is missing is because of neglect. IF she was taken by some psycho it is because they were being watched. It has happened to us on vacation. My son had his picture taken by some wacko. My husband and I did not use the babysitting service for fear of him being taken. We took our children every where we went and had a great time. We will probably never know what happened to this poor little girl because there was not a witness or supervision. All the folks that keep saying not to be so critical and to stop saying if they did not leave them alone it would not have happened. Think about your remarks, are you supporting neglect and abuse?

Goldfinch said...

So if you left your children alone it's alright then? You should be ashamed to admit to it.

Doris said...

I'm sorry but I'm here too to say that I never let my children like that. Please reconsider your position on this and the ramifications.

(This doesn't mean I wrapped my children in cotton wool - they are both capable and independent people now.)

Yes, we all make mistakes and far better not to sweep them under the carpet and instead to learn from them, but to write about it as if it is OK to leave ones children is seriously worrying.

Lindy said...

You really are as deluded as the negligent, criminal parents that you defend.
If you left your young children as did the McScams then you're as bad as them.
Next time a child goes missing because his/her selfish parents prefer to go out than do their "job" you'll condone their negligence?
Is this really the stance you should be adopting as a public servant?
Caring vigilant parents NEVER leave their children EVER.
Shame on you.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, big deal fdp, but did you do it on hols, in a country known to be ideally placed for getting rid of people, with known routes for the trafficing of children etc.??? Did you do it when you knew someone 'strange' was watching your kids and taking pics of pretty blond haired little girls in swim suits? Were your kids as good looking as Maddy? How long ago was this? Can everyone get one thing straight...these McCanns are NEARLY 40 YEARS OLD!!!! HELLOOOOOO...nearly 40 and they still what to go and leave their kids, not for just one night, every night they were there, and go partying. They 're nearly 40 and they go on holiday with other couples and leave kids of 2 and 4???!!! Swingers????!!!!

Anonymous said...

It's outrageous that you a "Member of Lincolnshire Police Authority" are defending and advocating this negligence that can lead to children being harmed, dead or as in this case abducted.
The scenarios in which such young children are being put at risk by being 'home alone' are never-ending. And yet we have this couple of doctors and your "pillar-of-the-community" self telling people that this is perfectly reasonable. 'Unturned stone' and seriously disgusted.

Anonymous said...

Are you completely stupid?
Fair deal for whom? Not defenceless children that's for sure.
Are you proud of the fact you left your children alone and are aligning yourself with these child neglectors. You are disgusting and should be sacked immediately.

TwoIfBySea said...

I'm sorry but this condoning of child neglect is completely unacceptable. You left your child alone and are happy to admit so? My God I would expect to be condemned from here to eternity if I was so irresponsible with my children!
I cannot believe that Britain is allowing these people to get away with putting their children in danger simply to go out for dinner and drink. I'm shamefaced at being Scottish and having this being seen as how we look after our children.
Here is some news for you. Most people DON'T leave their children alone, they also don't spend their time fundraising for a search that is not happening. Why don't you ask the McCanns exactly what they are doing with that money? Hiring private investigators? Not likely. Poor Madeleine, she didn't stand a chance.

Anonymous said...

Who can tell me if the McCanns did not close the door and leave the children alone to fulfil a plan to create the circus that is going on now? Why aren't they looking /searching for their little girl? Hopefully Madeleine is still alife and maybe she is staying at fam.members. That the author of the article left his children alone as well, shame on him.

Anonymous said...

Don't you think the father's comment strange-'we were with a large group of people and you know there is no way Kate and I are involved in this abduction,'? Sounds as though this 'large group of people' was for an alibi after all. May be LogicMan is right about the whole thing being a hoax. However, is any of this helping Madeleine? The McCanns are trying to set themselves up as people who are shocked and concerned about child abduction but, it should be parental neglect and the problems of having IVF children they need to concern themselves about. They do not have charisma, instead they are living off the charismatic and emotional appeal Madeleine has for the public. They were and are child abusers.

Anonymous said...

Fair Deal Phil: do you ever intend to respond to the comments made against your parent skills which directly reflect on your professional capabilities???

I'm just curious Phillip.

Doris said...

I hope a kind person who knows Fair Deal Phil will find a way to contact him and alert him to his blog having a lot of comments on a very important subject. If FDP were to just pull this post and our comments then that would politically reflect badly on him. Could we see a tide change where the discrepancies in this world start to even out.

After all, we all know that if this was a single parent doing similar that any remaining kids would be put in care. So why is it OK Phil for the likes of yourself and people like the McCanns to leave their children unattended and not for others?

Anonymous said...

This is obviously an orchestrated campaign Phil. Ignore these loonies. Some of them aren't even British for God's sake...

Doris said...

Anonymous said...

This is obviously an orchestrated campaign Phil. Ignore these loonies. Some of them aren't even British for God's sake...


No, no campaign but please look through any such idea and hear what is being said.

And look again at what Phil himself has said in his post. Who is the loony now?

Anonymous said...

The comments are not by loonies, they are the comments of concerned, vigilant loving parents who are astounded that child neglect is being hailed as ok.
Get a grip anon, whether they are in the UK or overseas a caring person is a caring person who is not blinded by the charade that is being played out by team mccann.
Shall I leave my children alone, lose one and stand to make a million quid? Not me, or the majority of sensible people.
To make money out of a missing child is despicable.
Does he think he's going to find her in the US?
Where is the "fund" money going? It's a limited company not a charity. They can spend the whole lot on sangria and tapas and there's nothing the giving public can do about it.
Shame on you and the disgusting excuse for "parents" that are the mccanns and their grubby associates.

Anonymous said...

I find you completely unbelievable?
You should be prosecuted for child abuse and put away for leaving your children all alone in any circumstances.
Who the hell do you think you and your wife are, Gerry and Kate Mccann perhaps.
No-one and I mean no-one can call themselves 'caring parents' if they put themselves first and
neglect their children.
I bet that you took a lot of care with your passports and money. These things can be replaced!
If some disaster happened to your kids, I bet you would be the first person to say, 'poor little me, why me, why me'.
Its people like you that don't deserve sympathy if something happened to your children due to your actions. My sympathy would be for your child and not for the parent if they put their children in danger. Would you leave your children at home alone while you both popped down to the pub or went for a meal in Britain, I dont think so. If you did the Social Services would remove your children before you could take a deep breath.
I feel sorry for your children and they are to be pitied for having selfish people like you for parents!

Anonymous said...

My God, how lucky your children must feel!!! No-one snatched them, so you think it was OK?
It would be interesting to read the statistics for children missing in the future in UK. For what you and the McCanns have done is advertise to every sick pervert in the world that this is normal behaviour from UK parents. I can just see the rush now for tickets....
For the first time in my life I am ashamed to be British.

Anonymous said...

Off Topic, I know, but I would like to hightlight something you wrote in a previous post dated June 12th 2007, in which you wrote:

When Madeleine first went missing, there were questions raised about why they (Gerry and Kate McCann) left their children in their holiday apartment while they went for a meal.

I certainly remember doing exactly the same when our children were small.

Is this a mistake? Or is it correct that you, a self-proclaimed Shadow Portfolio Holder for Education(!!), and member of Lincolnshire Police Authority (!?!) are condoning both the McCann parents and the crime of child neglect?

And if this is the case, do you not consider that a retraction might be in order?

Anonymous said...

I don't think I would be so proud to make an admission like that Phil, I would feel more ashamed if I were you. I see you are called Fair Deal Phil mmmm, shame Madeleine didn't have a fair deal isn't it? Oh but of course I forgot, silly old me, its okay to leave three children under 4 on their own isn't it?, and make money out of the one who goes missing and not blame yourself. So glad you approve of that sort of behaviour Phil. So glad I DON'T!
Cynthia. Cornwall UK

Anonymous said...

Fair whatever, do you seriously believe those McCanns are innocent? C'mon, matey, wakey wakey...or is it Beckham; the Pope; Gordon Brown and JK Rowlings who have blinded you...may be the omnipresent images of pretty little blue eyed, blond haired Madeleine (God, look after her). I suggest you go and read the Screwtape Letters by CS Lewis. What was it Gerry McCann said, something about wanting the attention taken off them and put onto Madeleine instead. Hmmm. Yes. We are to be intellectually paralysed while they are left free to do literally what ever they want and get away with it.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I for one am contacting the press that a person in your capacity can say you left your children alone - what about grand children or any other poor child you may be asked to look after and then abandon. You are a total disgrace - I am also contacting the social services for your region to report you and your abusing neglectful ways - I urge everyone to do the same. You are in a position of authority - Police authority even worse - and yet you admit to a crime worse than anything. You have duties, like the Mccanns had and still have, they are GUILTY of NEGLECT on lots of occassions and are guilty of EXPLOITING Madeleine beyond anything we could every comprehend.
Sort yourself out - im disgusted with your attitude and urge everyone to write too every paper than can about you. The press are gagged over Mccanns but love a good MP take down. Please dont forget the social services and report this man for neglect - to protect any child that comes into his hands.

Kat said...

I am also deeply concerned that you seem to be dismissive of the fact the McCanns left three very young children alone night after night. In an unlocked apartment. Off the secured area of the resort.

That you did so, once upon a time ago, does not make it right or justify it in any way. Perhaps times were different when your childern were young, the world a quieter and safer place. Even so, it is not and never has been right to leave small children alone and to their own devices while you disappear, out of sight and earshot, to dine or drink or dance or whatever.

The boogeyman isn't always lurking just around the corner, but he may be. The greater concern for the McCanns wasn't whether a stranger would come and take their children or a child, it should have been; what if the kiddos wake up and are frightened? what if one of them toddles off? what if they are sick or start a fire or fall and hurt themselves or get tangled up in the blinds, or, or, or?

I believe it would be fair for you to reconsider the cavalier comment you made which seems to be in defense of the indefensible.


Anonymous said...

What kind of Tool leaves young Children unsupervised?
If peole like you get elected to positions of authority no wonder the Country is up the Creek wihout a Paddle.

Anonymous said...

Is this leaving Kids alone a Masonic thing or are you just a pair of RETARDS??

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
This is obviously an orchestrated campaign Phil. Ignore these loonies. Some of them aren't even British for God's sake...

I AM British but didn't realise that you had to be British to care about Child neglect.
Do you not think that people like this Loon Fair Deal Phil (FFS sounds like a 2nd hand Car Salesman) & the McCanns are doing damage to the British reputation?

ANYONE leaving youngsters alone while they go on the Lash is a grade one Nugget & their offspring should be taken in to protective care.

I hope Phill's Collegues see the fallout form this & do something about the crap he spouts.

Anonymous said...

And if it was Wayne and Tracey from your local council sink estate who left three children below the age of four alone while they went out on the razz to the nearest pub which was only a couple of hundred yards away ... and one of the children disappeared. Would you still be as cavalier about it?

You'd be all over them like a rash wouldn't you, as would the rest of the press; you'd root through their entire lives and rip them apart. So would Social Services (at a minimum the other two children would be taken off them). The police would take an interest too, and I'd be very surprised if Wayne and Tracey didn't face criminal charges relating to neglect.

And the fund - it's not a charity, it's a limited company, one of who's articles of incorporation say it is to support Madeleine's family. They can do anything they like with that money, now around the £1,000,000 mark.

Something smells about this whole business. Fish, I think.

It's about time the McCanns were placed under arrest and subjected to forensic interrogation at separate police stations - first in Portugal, then here. Then the two police forces can get together to compare results.

So far, just about everything the McCanns have claimed about the night of the disappearance (there is no evidence she was ever abducted) has been contradicted by independent witnesses. The McCanns have changed their version of events several times. Still, at least the Portuguese press, as represented by Sol, seems to remember how the press is supposed to behave.

I think you and everyone like you ought to know that what I've said here is what the vast majority of the street is saying. You are all totally out of touch. I've met nobody who yhinks like you, and plenty who think like me. I live in Lancashire.

Anonymous said...

"Something smells about this whole business. Fish, I think."

Mixed with Phil's BS it doesn't make a pleasant odour....

Anonymous said...

You should be thoroughly ashamed of yourself. You are not fit to hold any kind of public office.

In my opinion Mr Gerry & Mrs K McCann should be investigated by social services for child neglect. If they were a socially deprived family from a sink estate they would have had the book thrown at them, and you would probably have been loudest in your condemnation.

Genny V

Anonymous said...

Come on Phil the Schill answer your crtics.

If you did indeed neglect your Children as you have publicly stated on this Blog you are totally unfit to hold any position in Public Office!

Typical of the New labour hypocrites "Do as I say not do as I do".

I for one will be taking this matter higher so expect some "Nuclear" grade fallout.

Anonymous said...

Oh so it's a coincidence that all these posts on this redundant topic have appeared suddenly(?). No it's a campaign. Phil, for once, was right. The McCanns' behaviour was perfectly reasonable. There was more chance of their child being struck by lightening than being abducted. I think my description of you lot as loonies has been proven to be correct. Hysterical and opinionated about a subject you know nothing about.

At best, you lunatics represent a society that wants to protect people against everything., How boring. If you have any proof the McCanns were involved or have profitied, "put up or shut up". So far it is a lot of hot air.

The Doris character is hilarious. I bet her parents wish they had left her at home when she was a kid. In fact if I was unfortunate enough to be the child of most of the posters here, I would ask my parents to deliver me to the kidnappers. Human wasters the lot of you.

Anonymous said...


It's all catching up on them now, and about time too.

They are going to do jail time - not here but in Portugal.

The penalty for neglect here is a maximum of two years jail time. In Portugal it's a MINIMUM of two years jail time - three if the child is dead.

And there has never been the slightest bit of evidence she was abducted.

You are an idiot. Risk of abduction is the least of worries when you leave three children below the age of four alone every night - that's every night, not just the night she went missing btw. There are many many far more immediate risks from leaving such young children alone.

And like I asked - what if it was Wayne and Tracey from the local council sink estate? People have done jail time for leaving children far older than four alone at home - of course, those people have been the Waynes and Traceys of this country.

I have signed the petition to Leicester social services - along with more than 13,000 others. Ditto the petition to the Portuguese authorities asking for prosecution under neglect laws.

Oh, and if in your opinion it's ok to leave alone at home children of two and three years old, then how young, in your opinion do children have to be before it's NOT ok to leave them alone at home?

You sir/madam are an idiot.

Anonymous said...

Sign as many petitions as you like, no one in authority listens to your sort. Seriously, are you guys all religious nutcases? It seems so. I'm so happy our country ignores you.

I love your comment about there being "no evidence" of abduction...you've been kept up to date on the fine details of the case by the Portuguese police then?

Getting a real laugh out of the morons on here. Them taking themselves seriously just adds to the comedy!

Anonymous said...

what makes you think this is any more than one nutter's mad campaign...?

what incredibly cruel, heartless and mind-numbingly stupid people there are - some who clearly think Madeleine hasn't even gone missing.

they need locking up.

Anonymous said...


What sort exactly is "your sort"?

The arrogance is breathtaking.

The McCanns are going to Portuguese jail. Count on it.

Anonymous said...

Byker Tom

"Missing" and "abducted" are not neccessarily the same thing.

Anonymous said...

"your sort" - you should know by now! People who are hysterical, emotional and unhinged. Like you, you loon.

Anonymous said...


Take a look at your way of speaking, then take a look at mine.

Which of us looks the most "hysterical, emotional and unhinged"?

Just like the McCanns, you're losing it.

Anonymous said...

Yeh but I'm hysterical because I'm laughing at you. You're hysterical because you're hysterical.

Now seriously, crawl back under the stone you came from. Humanity doesn't need your sort(see above).

Anonymous said...

I think what humanity doesn't need is people who leave thre and two year old children unprotected.

Would that stone you want me to crawl back under be one of those that are not going to be left unturned?

When someone resorts to ad hominem attack it's always taken to mean they have no argument or facts to hand. Don't like the message, so attack the messenger.

Doris said...

"The Doris character is hilarious. I bet her parents wish they had left her at home when she was a kid. In fact if I was unfortunate enough to be the child of most of the posters here, I would ask my parents to deliver me to the kidnappers. Human wasters the lot of you."

Umm - you talking about me? You are not making sense I'm afraid. I am making a very clear and unhysterical statement that it is wrong to go out on holiday and leave your children unattended. It is as simple as that.

Anonymous said...

"You're hysterical because you're hysterical"

TUTORIAL M07: Linguistic pitfalls - Empty content
An empty statement is any statement that is purported to provide information, but in reality it provides no information at all in the relevant conversational context.

In ordinary situations, tautologies or tautological statements are all empty. A tautology is a statement that is true in virtue of the meaning of the logical connectives present in the statement. These connectives are connectives like "not", "and", "or", "if ... then ...", "there is", "every", "none" and the like.

For example, suppose Helen asks whether Francine will come to the party, and Francine replies, "If I come, I will come." This is a tautology as it is necessarily true given the meaning of "if then". But the statement provides no information as to whether Francine will attend the party. So it is indeed an empty statement.

Similarly, the statement that "either it will rain tomorrow, or it will not" is also a tautology. Obviously, if we want to communicate information, we should avoid using tautologies as they provide no useful information about the world. This is not to say that they are completely useless. Tautologies can be useful in logic, and sometimes they serve as reminders about available courses of actions (e.g. "Either we get married, or we don't").

A tautology is a special case of what we might call analytic statements. These are statements that are true solely in virtue of their meaning. Here are some examples:

* A bachelor is an unmarried man.
* Anything that is large is not small.
* Nothing that is running is still.

Read it all, and learn something for once in your life:


Basically Anonymous, you have nothing to say so you resort to empty statements and ad hominem attack.

The McCanns aren't the only people who've had an education.

Anonymous said...

Irony - sorry you didn't get it.

Doris - the only simple thing here is you.

Anonymous said...


"" If you have any proof the McCanns were involved or have profitied, "put up or shut up". So far it is a lot of hot air. ""

Well, we can't - yet, repeat yet - prove they're involved. However, we CAN prove that they've profited. So far, mugs have poured over £900,000 into their limited company which has as one of its articles of incorporation, a clause allowing it to be used to support Madeleine's family. In other words, that money is theirs to do with whatever they wish.

You didn't think we were fooled into thinking it was a charity did you? A lot of people were fooled, obviously; but thanks to people like us the world is starting to wise up to them.

Well, I've just put up. Care to knock it down?

Mike Hitchen said...

Anon said
"Sign as many petitions as you like, no one in authority listens to your sort. Seriously, are you guys all religious nutcases? It seems so. I'm so happy our country ignores you."

Hi Anon, I am not happy that your country ignores the tears of a little girl in order to protect Two Sacred Cows grazing on England's green but no longer pleasant land. Personally, I find that those in authority rarely listen to people like yourself, who form opinions without turning off Coronation Street in order to find out facts.

Mike Hitchen said...

Hi Anon
"Them taking themselves seriously just adds to the comedy!"

Ah, a graduate of Fenn Street school's, class 4C English class I take it.

Mike Hitchen said...

Hi Big, brave byker tom hiding behind an anonymous log in

"what makes you think this is any more than one nutter's mad campaign...?"

Oh I can see you have really delved in to this haven't you.

"what incredibly cruel, heartless and mind-numbingly stupid people there are - some who clearly think Madeleine hasn't even gone missing."

Ah, you are obviously talking about Gerry and Kate.

Anonymous said...

We are not nutters but caring parents and Mr Dilk and the Mccanns broke the law.

I emailed Lincolnshire County Council about Mr Dilk and their response is clear admission of neglect.

"What the law says

There is no law that states the minimum age that a child can be left alone. However, it is an offence to leave a child alone when doing so puts him or her at risk. But parents can be prosecuted for wilful neglect if they leave a child unsupervised “in a manner likely to cause unnecessary suffering or injury to health” (Children and Young Persons Act 1933).

Further details concerning the above information can be found at http://www.nspcc.org.uk/helpandadvice/parentsandcarers/homealone/homealone_wda35965.html

Also as the information given is historic and we have no idea of when or where it happened it would be difficult for Lincolnshire Social Services to have any involvement.

If you have any further queries please do not hesitate to contact the Children & Families Team on the above number."

Anonymous said...


"" Seriously, are you guys all religious nutcases? ""

The only people in all this who I've seen making a big thing about being "devout" in religion are the McCanns themselves.


You know what? I'm beginning to think you're Principia Discordia playing out "Operation Mindf**k".

It is the total non-sequitor nature of your comment about religion that made me think that. Am I right? Because if you are I'll get back into your secret forum and mess up all your organised trolls again. I did it once, I can do it again.

Anonymous said...

"" However, it is an offence to leave a child alone when doing so puts him or her at risk. ""

And by definition, as Madeleine is now missing, then by leaving her and the twins alone they put them at risk.

Anonymous said...

Your "defense" of those two is beneath contempt....oh it's ok because you used to do it....so it ISN'T abuse then, is that what you are telling me? What then does constitute "abuse" - oh sorry I forgot in your world people like the McCanns are "caring parents" yeah..I bet Madeleine would agree too? Because you have shown SUCH care for her... You should be ashamed - so should all you morons posting to defend this fraud - if you cared about the safety of children you wouldn't be condoning leaving three children all under 4 years of age alone in an unlocked apartment. And you think there is nothing wrong with that? What planet do you and the "saints" McCann live on...it obviously isn't a place where children are cherished, loved and well looked after, is it? "fair Deal Phil" You my friend are a joke...much like those two excuses for parents you are trying to defend.....how can anyone defend someone who thinks it is perfectly reasonable to abandon children?

Doris said...

"Doris - the only simple thing here is you."

I have not resorted to insults, neither against you, nor FDP nor the McCanns, so I am not sure why you are being abusive.

Once again, I am voicing my concern that FDP has said,

"When Madeleine first went missing, there were questions raised about why they left their children in their holiday apartment while they went for a meal.

"I certainly remember doing exactly the same when our children were small."

I am not accusing the McCanns of willingly doing away with their child or anything else like that. Just that there is too much hailing of these people as dignified heroes rather than people who have put their children at risk. I am not saying they shouldn't have any compassion but it is difficult to be compassionate when they behave like bulls in a china shop with complete disregard for their own role in it. And then we find that FDP is either endorsing their actions or saying there but by the grace of God go I. The latter is certainly a view that needs reconsidering and that is my point.

Anonymous said...

Doris said:

And look again at what Phil himself has said in his post. Who is the loony now?

And now 'she' complains at abuse directed at 'her', whoever s/he is?

Anonymous said...

Hasn't the authority already dismissed the petition?

It appears a lot of people here are flogging a dead horse.

Anonymous said...

I was a single mother, bringing up three children alone. At the time my marriage broke up, two of them were under five years old, and we were forced to claim benefits for a while, as my ex husband never gave us a penny. Now, supposing it had been ME at that holiday complex, off out boozing every night for a week, leaving my tiny children alone. And what if one of them was(allegedly) abducted? Do you SERIOUSLY believe that the press and media would worship at my feet, as they have done at the feet of disgusting McCanns? I didn't go out socially for over ten years. I never left my children alone for seven minutes, never mind seven nights, unless they were with a proper babysitter or at school. Shame on you for admitting that you DID! Just to try and defend the indefensable.

Anonymous said...

I am boycotting JK Rowling´s Harry Potter books and films because she isn't a moral writer or a thinker, she wants MONEY! I'm tired of all these mega media ´stars' treating me like a mindless sheep.
His Dark Materials, a trilogy by Philip Pullman, is definitely on another level; and, on the subject of missing children....
Be a Daniel, stand up against the mind controllers. Search for TRUTH, JUSTICE and KNOWLEDGE. STAND UP FOR MADELEINE!

Anonymous said...

McCanns will do a MINIMUM of two years jail time - Portuguese style. Minimum three years if it turns out Madeleine's dead.

And could be up to ten years.

Anyway, you never answered my question - how young do babies have to be before it becomes inappropriate to leave them all alone while you go out on the razz night after night?

You might have managed to despoil one of the British online petitions, but you haven't succeeded in doing so for the big one to Leicester social services, and you've failed in your attempt to have the Downing Street petition removed. And there's also the Portuguese petition ...

Laura Bush has refused to see McCann. That tell you which way the wind's blowing?

Your methods don't endear you to people - you behave as if you believe you can bully people into shutting up and shutting down - for example that disgusting stuff that was posted on the Mirror Forums. But it wont work - the more you use those tactics the more support you generate for our side in this matter.

Try using reasoned argument. Try convincing us that the McCanns, and their friends, didn't violate the law regarding leaving little children - little more than babies - alone and unprotected. Convince us and we'll go away. Try bullying us and we'll just keep coming back at you.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm - seems the Downing Street petition was rejected after all. Here's why:

"" the reason for the rejection was: It contained language which is offensive, intemperate, or provocative ""

Now then, which side in this argument uses language (and images e.g. on the Mirror Forums) that is offensive, intemperate or provocative?

Well, I hope you can keep it up forever, because we can keep up our side of the argument forever.

And in the meantime the Portuguese PJ are going about their business ... :)

Anonymous said...

You can keep up your argument for ever...no one is listening to you.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Thanks for speaking on behalf of the public HELLEN(sic).

What is your surname? EARTH?

The button you need to find, on behalf of the public, in order to be taken seriously, is CAPS LOCK.

Good luck with that luv.

Doris said...

Hello to the lovely Michael Oakeshott

You are not doing FDP any favours by your responses, unless of course that is your aim?

You wrote, "Thanks for speaking on behalf of the public HELLEN(sic)."

It is possible that the poster's name does indeed have two "l"s in it. By using the "sic" you seem to be suggesting that it is a typo and I get the general feel that you are criticising her for not being able to spell her name right. (But it may be right in this case!) So...... have you any thoughts about a distraught father whose child has been abducted writing a daily blog in which about half the time he is talking about doing mundane things like jogging and the other half he mis-spells his precious daughter's name? It is a pretty strange thing to be doing - one wouldn't spell one's own name wrong so why have typo's in your beloved missing child's name. It is plain wrong and in-excusable.

Details such as that are adding up all over the place and perhaps you can see why people are becoming disenchanted with this family.

Anonymous said...

I find your comments about leaving your children alone when they were small, whilst you went to dine, absolutely disgusting. Its people like you that are condoning what the McCanns did that night - you and your wife should be ashamed.

Anonymous said...


I am not here to do Phil favours. We agree on virtually nothing. But even if we disagree, I can recognise him as a decent person. Unlike most of the spiteful fools posting on this subject. I accept his reluctance to censor, but if I were him I would have deleted a lot of the comment from this campaign. Much of it has been written by silly kids and lacks any intelligence at all. Some of them can't even use an apostrophe, and it isn't a typo(illiterates).

HELLEN(sic in all probability) seems to be one, though perhaps it was her parents who made the mistake on her birth certificate(poor child, doomed by her genetic stupidity).

Mr McCann seems an inteligent man, and I doubt you Doris have completed/will ever in a million years complete a medical degree. If he did a few typos(NB: no apostrophe in the plural case), that is rather different to the morons here.

Your theory about him not spelling his daughter's name correctly is bizarre. Quite what are you suggesting? The grassy knoll comparison flatters you lot. Many intelligent people believed the stuff on Kennedy. Only an absolute wingnut is swallowing any of the rubbish printed here by you lot. Of course he is doing mundane things. Its been three months and he has a family to raise. Get real. Indeed, just grow up. Any intelligent person(and you'll have imagine for a moment) knows that the best chance of finding her is by using the media. I guess you would have the man doing door to door himself and telling the media he is too busy to talk? That's because you are a stupid and malicious cow you see Doris?

Doris reckons: "It is plain wrong and in-excusable". Oh get you! He doesn't need your approval. Indeed noone does.

"Details such as that are adding up all over the place and perhaps you can see why people are becoming disenchanted with this family".

Superb, you should do stand up. If ever a comment summed up a person's stupidity, this is it. Quite what it adds up to is anyone's guess. But don't make the mistake of assuming you speak for anyone but yourself. Any person I have spoken has expressed nothing but sympathy for this decent family.