Monday, May 14, 2007

Veggies boycott Mars bars...and Cheese'n'Onion crisps

Today's news that vegetarians will boycott Mars bars because they now contain animal products reminds me of an argument between two friends some years ago...

Both professed to be strict veggies, and while one was munching away on a packet of Cheese'n'Onion crisps, the other chose Bovril flavour.

After studying the ingredients listed on the packets, they agreed that in fact Bovril flavoured crisps were suitable for vegetarians, while Cheese and Onion were not as they contained animal products!

Each to his or her own, but I'm a meat'n'two veg guy myself!

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Anonymous said...

are you going to tell Marianne Faithfull she can no longer eat Mars Bars, or shall I...?