Thursday, May 31, 2007

Breaking news: Senior Tory defies Cameron and demands more grammars...

A key member of David Cameron's leadership team has broken ranks to defy the party line on Grammar schools.

Tonight's London Evening Standard says that shadow attorney general Dominic Grieve is apparently publicly insisting that his local education authority should be allowed to build more grammar schools.

The news comes after today's Daily Mail reported that senior Tories were warned yesterday not to comment on divisions within Cameron's team.

According to the Evening Standard, Mr Grieve, who represents Beaconsfield in Buckinghamshire, could be facing similar sanctions or worse after he called for LEAs at a local level to be allowed to expand selective schools.

Mr Grieve is said to have told his local newspaper:
We must also ensure that if further grammar or secondary schools are needed they can be supplied within the county.
Such a move would contradict Mr Cameron's insistence that he would not allow any more grammars to be built.


Anonymous said...

I predicted this as when I stood against him at the last GE he blamed the Labour Govt for not allowing the LEA to build a new Grammar school in the Farnham/Iver area/Gerrards Cross part of tye Constituency. He is amazingly pro-selection and refused to get into a debate about the appalling state of the secondaries due to the LEA favouring Grammars in capital spend. He of course went to a posh public school.

Anonymous said...

The only thing that would be strange is that is that if he went to a posh public school and then sought to deny others the chance to educate their children there or in a grammar school.

Like...the Prime Minister for example. Hypocritical as well as incompetent.

fairdealphil said...


thanks for your comment.

Cameron has now totally capitulated on Grammar Schools - the lobby led by Dominic Grieve and co has humiliated Cameron who made Grammar Wars a test of his own leadership...which he has now failed!