Wednesday, May 16, 2007

John Hayes' credibility takes a nosedive...

Tory MP for South Holland and The Deepings comments on the Prime Minister's record at Conservative Home.

Until a couple of weeks ago, I had respect for John Hayes as a decent sort, despite his politics. But his credibility took a nosedive when he distributed a false statement about me which was deliberately designed to affect the outcome of the local elections.

Hours before polling stations opened, the MP personally delivered a Tory leaflet down my street which falsely alleges that I claimed expenses to cover my duties as local county councillor.

In fact, I have never claimed a penny in expenses - as clearly shown in the public record.

In contrast, the public record also shows that both the Conservative candidates do claim expenses. One of them, Ray Auger, is in fact the third highest claimer at South Kesteven District Council!

Same old Nasty Party.


Anonymous said...

So sue him. Same old bluster, but no action. All mouth, no trousers. You lost, do get over it now. For what it's worth, I doubt you are any more useless than the average (ex)Labour councillor. National factors did for you. And yet like some dimwit, you sit here defending your fallen leader, the man who is responsible for your plight. Rather like the delusional half-wits who sat in Berlin in May 1945 praising the Fuhrer for saving the Herenvolk while the Red Army cut off their testicles. Irony ne?

At least the Tories won't cut off your balls Phil. We have had enough bollox from Nu Labor for a lifetime already.

fairdealphil said...

Keep watching young Oakeshott.

You might learn something you rude little boy.

Anonymous said...

Been watching for two weeks. All talk, no action. Now are you going to sue him? Or was he right?

Let's face it Phil, he did you a favour, and ultimately everyone is a winner. They win the seat. You get to use the "I woz robbed" line(even though we know most people don't read the pamphlets and only a dimwit would believe that a single pamphlet the night before an election would change hundreds of votes) and most importantly the electorate get a new councillor. So do either put up or shut up, otherwise it gets dull.

fairdealphil said...

do keep up young oakeshott:

1. the electorate haven't got a new councillor. that's the point.

2. the difference was not the hundreds of votes that you suggest it was.

3. you say i'm 'all talk, no action'. i recall people saying that before i successfully sued the Mail on Sunday.

keep on watching.