Friday, May 04, 2007

MP's unjustified attack on me does the (dirty) trick..

Results are in for Deeping St James:

Ray Auger (Conservative) of Hereward Way.....968
Ken Joynson (LibDem) of Manor Way............943
Bryan Helyar (Conservative) of Langtoft......778
Fair Deal Phil Dilks (Labour) of Church St...652

So Ray, Bryan and Ken returned to represent us at Grantham.

Returns up to Wednesday showed me well ahead of Bryan - which is why the Tories resorted to portraying me as claiming a "staggering" amount in "expenses" as county councillor.

In fact, the Tories know the truth that I have never claimed a penny for the hundreds of 90-mile round trips I've had to make to fulfill my duties.

Yes, my leaflets were robust and obviously rattled them - but they were honest, justified and exposed the truth.


Anonymous said...

Dear oh dear Phil, you lost, let's not make excuses. I doubt any people inclined to vote for you would have changed their minds over this. You were done for long before that. I am sure you weren't that bad(relative to most Labour councillors), but national factors did for you. Blame Tony and Gordon. The destruction of local socialism is a cause for celebration for all decent people. Bye bye Labour.

fairdealphil said...


you may or may not be right that i was already "done for".

if you are right, why was it necessary for the Tory MP to personally attack me with such a desperate eve of poll leaflet which at the very least damages my integrity and credibility.

it claims to be about "positive politics" but the only candidate named was me - their own candidates not even named!

while the message on one side of this "local election" leaflet urged voters to ignore local issues, the other side was entirely a personal attack based on the fact that I get paid for my day-job and also accept an allowance for my duties as county councillor (i know of no councillor who sends it back!).

Based on the hours worked, it's well below the national minimum wage (brought in by Labour of course...!)

For MP John Hayes to be attacking me on expenses is, to say the least, rather rich indeed.

Particularly as I have never claimed the hundreds of pounds I'd be entitled to for costs of travel to county hall in Lincoln.

How many other elected councillors live so far away yet don't this space...

What the leaflet didn't say of course was how much my Tory opponent in this election receives in allowances.

It's a matter of public record, but SKDC seem interestingly reluctant to release the information...

can't think why, can you?

Anonymous said...

All very admirable Phil. But politics is a rough game. The voters made their minds up, and they preferred your opponents.

fairdealphil said...


yes, politics is definitely a rough game which is why it's protected by election law.

Making a false statement about an opponent's personal character or conduct is a specific offence under the Representation of Peoples Act.

Election leaflets are also of course covered by the laws of defamation.

Anonymous said...

Sue them then. Or better still stop whining, it's just embarrassing.

fairdealphil said...

keep watching michael

Anonymous said...

I'll keep watching. Only my laughter will prevent me.

Anonymous said...

A certain Ric Metcalfe has now changed his tune so as to blame national factors according to his article on the New Statesman web site.

He accuses Mr Blair of behaving idiotically by pre-announcing his departure.

Wonder what Gordon Brown thinks of it?