Monday, May 14, 2007

Cameron praises successful UK economy...

Britain today benefits from strong international leadership and a successful economy...

Who says David Cameron. The Tory Leader said, when talking about the UK:
...we can punch above our weight. We’re incredibly fortunate. We’ve got the English language, we’ve got a successful economy, we’ve got great links around the world through the Commonwealth, through the European Union, through our leadership in NATO, through our special relationship with America.
The successes he talks about are of course thanks to New Labour, Tony Blair and Gordon Brown and could never be replicated by any Tory, particularly not David Cameron...

Successful economy?
Cameron's economic record is based on his time as adviser to the Tory Chancellor who presided over Black Wednesday and played his part in seeing huge numbers of families losing their homes.

Any remaining influence the Tories had in Europe ended when David Cameron pledged to withdraw his Members of the European Parliament from the moderate EPP. As a result European leaders, including Angela Merkel refuse to meet him.

Relationship with America?
Cameron’s side-kick, wee Georgie Osborne, was totally humiliated when he claimed he'd been invited to the White House to meet the US President. When the truth unravelled, it transpired that Osbourne was actually one of 125 delegates attending a conference during Malaria Awareness Day!

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