Friday, May 04, 2007

Sensational win as by pass campaigners take over Boston Town Hall...

Labour has taken control of Scunthorpe-based North Lincs Council directly from the Tories, while the Tories have gained Lincoln City from Labour.

But the most spectacular result across the East Midlands - and probably in the country - was the single-issue Boston By-pass Group taking control of their town hall.

They gained an astonishing 25 seats, wiping out Labour entirely and leaving Boston Borough with just five Conservative councillors.

It's good to see people power in action: but it will be interesting to see how they progress the case for a by-pass at Boston Borough Council.

I'm sure they realise that the highways authority is not Boston Borough, but Lincolnshire County Council...

But the result shouldn't come as a surprise. Boston has been gridlocked for years and the frustration has finally boiled over.

Wonder if we'll see a Grantham By Pass Action Group at the next elections?


Anonymous said...

Magnificent result for the people.

fairdealphil said...


yes, it really does show democracy at work.

the scale of their victory is stunning.

hope you are well...have you been away, or just offline??

did you stand this time?

Anonymous said...

Hi Phil.

Nice to hear from you.

I did stand this time but would rather not talk about the result.

Have been purposely off-line since 14th March so as to keep my agent happy.

Talking of by-pass groups can I draw your attention to the fact that there is a petition begun by me calling for a full Lincoln by pass somewhere on the Downing Street web site.

After what happened in Bracebridge Heath the other night though I will not however be starting up an action group.

Anonymous said...

Well, go on Geoffrey, tell us what happened at Bracebridge Heath.

fairdealphil said...

yes geoffrey, do tell...