Thursday, May 31, 2007

Juvenile Georgie's silly gaffe...

Today's Daily Mirror rips the mickey out of Cameron's sidekick, wee Georgie Osborne, after he claimed to be an heir to Tony Blair...

Here's the Voice of the Mirror in full to enjoy:

Rich George Osborne thinks he knows the price of everything in politics.

Yet the shrill-voiced Tory knows the value of nothing in the country.

His claim to be an "heir to Blair" is juvenile, the posturing of a private schoolboy still to grow up.

Many Tories are horrified he wants to be compared to a Labour Premier who changed Britain for the better.

Others think baronet's son Osborne, in truth heir to a wallpaper fortune, is just plain silly.

Either way, George Osborne has proved once again that the Conservatives are a bunch of chancers unfit for government.

It wasn't Georgie's day.

In the same speech, wee Georgie said a Tory government would actively prevent new grammar schools being opened.

He insisted that countries in the "mainstream" of thinking on education - such as America - would not allow selective schools to appear.

Pressed by a Conservative activist from Buckinghamshire on whether the party would permit them to open new grammars which had local support, Mr Osborne went further: "We don't believe in schools choosing pupils. We believe in pupils choosing schools."

That's clear then. No more Grammars, which was exactly what Cameron wanted him to say.

Only hours later, the challenge to Cameron by Buckinghamshire Tory MP Dominic Grieve on Grammar Schools became public.

Rather than sack Grieve and lose his second front bencher in as many days, Cameronwas forced into a massive u-turn, yet again reversing Tory policy on the hoof by allowing his Education Spokesman to say more Grammar Schools may be built if he became PM.

Graham Brady of course lost his job in Cameron's team after he was much less critical of Cameron's promise of 'no more Grammar Schools' than Grieve had been.

Either way, in the total muddle that Cameron has created, his faithful sidekick wee Georgie has been hung out to dry...


Anonymous said...

Be serious Phil. Osbourne and Blair are cut from the same cloth(sadly). Blair is multi-millionaire, educated at one of the best public schools in the country. His best friends are billionaire Silvio Berlusconi and son of billionaire George W Bush. He is the sort of guy who would think he was short of a few quid if he was down to his last 5 million.

fairdealphil said...

Wrong again, young Oakeshott.

Very different cloth.

Osborne: (do check your spelllings, young Oakeshott) born with the proverbial silver spoon as heir to a wallpaper pile. Seeks power to look after the few.

Blair: on our side, from more humble beginnings and rebuilding Britain for the many.

Anonymous said...

Blair from humble beginnings?! Keep it coming Phil. I used to download episodes of Fawlthy Towers when I was bored in the office. Now I just read this blog.