Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Crime down again in Lincs...

Good news from Lincolnshire Police. Crime is down again over the past twelve months and detections are up. Here's the figures just released for the year:

Homes Burgled - DOWN
A fall of 4% on the year - that's 96 fewer houses broken into and builds on the massive reduction of 46% in the numbers of Lincs homes burgled since 2002/03.

Serious violent crimes - DOWN
A fall of 13% – that’s 816 fewer victims. Lincs Police have also used pro-active policing of the night-time economy to prevent more serious incidents, many resulting from excessive alcohol consumption. More than 1,600 people have been dealt with by way of Penalty Notice for Disorder during 2006/07.

Detecting Crime - UP.
The target was at least 13,500 'Sanctioned Detections'. The actual total was 14,731. In each one, someone has been charged, cautioned, reprimanded, warned, issued with a Penalty Notice for Disorder or the offence has been taken into consideration at court. This figure represents 27% detection rate of all recorded crime in Lincolnshire.

Killed or serious injured - DOWN.
Preliminary year-end figures indicate a 15% reduction was achieved during 2006/07. That's 59 fewer people killed or seriously injured.

Public satisfaction - UP.
Final figures not yet in, but likely to be up from 73% last year to around 80%.

Well done to Chief Constable Tony Lake and all his team.

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