Saturday, May 19, 2007

Blair reveals major regret...

Tony Blair has revealed a major regret about his decade as Prime Minister...he didn't do enough to promote the traditional Great British cup of tea.

When it was put to him in an interview on US radio that it was impossible to get a good cup of tea in London, Mr Blair replied:
This is a serious allegation. But I fear you may be right. This is a British tradition that must not be lost. If I were running for office again, I'd make it a major part of any platform.

It's got to be properly strong, it's got to have the right colour.

The trouble is, not many people do it like that.

That's why I drink coffee when I'm in mainland Europe, because they just can't make a cup of tea.
It's good to know that the Prime Minister enjoys a good cuppa. And he's right of course that only us Brits know how to make one...

I remember my dear old Mum's first words on arriving home after a month's holiday in China some years ago:
Get the kettle on, let's have a proper cup of tea - the Chinese don't know how to make it properly!

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