Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Lincs Tories weld themselves to Grammar Schools...

Lincolnshire Tories are spitting nails over David Cameron's ideological attack on Grammar Schools.

Following comments by Cameron that it was outdated to separate 11-year olds into 'sheep and goats', Lincolnshire Tories in charge of our county's education, responded with a press statement welding Lincolnshire to the 11-plus and Grammar Schools.

We shouldn't be surprised at the local reaction. These are the same Tories of course who have just signed a new £2 million a year contract with Stamford Endowed Schools to give a private education to a few select children who live in and around Stamford - the only surviving scheme of its kind in the country.

Council taxpayers all over Lincolnshire will be forced to pick up the bill for something to which their own children will continue to be denied access - no matter how talented or gifted.

Cameron of course is desperate for a 'Clause 4' moment to convince us that the Conservatives are no longer the 'nasty party'. Now he's busy attacking critics in his own party as 'delusionist' and living in a 'fantasy' over Grammar Schools.

But here in Lincolnshire and across the country, the Right Guard dinosaurs are still alive and kicking (him), demonstrating that the Conservatives are as divided as ever.

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Anonymous said...

Right Guard. Isn't that a deodorant?

Appropriate, then.