Monday, February 13, 2006

Helping Police with their Enquiries

Fancy joining a local panel to help improve policing in the Deepings?

Local police are looking for volunteers in the Deepings to meet regularly to highlight issues and problems which you may think are not currently receiving enough attention.

I'm local member of Lincolnshire Police Authority responsible for delivering efficient policing across the county. I welcome the rollout of Neighbourhood Policing in our area and more community involvement.

At the heart of Neighbourhood Policing are dedicated local teams of police officers, community support officers and special constables. The idea is for police to be more visible, accessible and responsive to local needs.

Volunteers are needed to identify local issues and report back to a bi-monthly meeting where possible actions can be determined.

Lincolnshire Police are aware they sometimes fail to deal with important local issues because they don't necessarily fall directly within the police remit.

However, this new regular partnership meeting aims to ensure that police work closer with the other agencies to try and find solutions to problems.

Members of the panels will not be expected to be informers or vigilantes, but simply to help direct the police and other public agencies in a more joined up way.

If you have the time and commitment to attend a bi-monthly meeting please ring Lincolnshire Police on 01522 558798. You will be asked to enter the collar number of PC Jim Capp of Market Deeping Police - it's 0678, and leave your contact number.

Alternatively, let me have your details, and I'd be happy to pass them on.

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