Friday, February 24, 2006

Schools decision is total madness

Yesterday, I was one of nine county councillors from all parties who spent the whole day considering the Tory Executive's plan to tackle surplus places in infant and junior schools.

One of the proposals was to close down Eastfield Infants School in Louth and merge it with the neighbouring Lacey Gardens Junior School.

It would have created one massive all-through primary school with 630 places - the biggest in Lincolnshire.

The nine unanimously rejected the Tory Executive's plan after looking carefully into the figures.

The all-party panel yesterday discovered that when the new school opens next year, officials expect it is likely to have 146 empty desks. The year after next there would be will be 165 empty desks.

Of the nine votes, there was not one in favour of the crazy plan. There was one abstention and eight votes against (4 Tory, 3 Labour, 1 LibDem)

But today, the Tory Leadership of the Council decided to go ahead regardless with their daft merger idea.

Last month they refused to listen to a partnership of church representatives, parent governors, teachers and parents who asked them to go back to the drawing board.

Today, they refused to listen even to their own Conservative councillors!

When the score is 8-0 against you, it's usually best to admit defeat.

Specially when half of those against you are on your own team!!

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