Thursday, February 16, 2006

Is John a true Cameroon?

It's no secret that David Cameron wasn't the first choice of our local MP in the Tory Party Leadership race when Michael Howard stepped down.

John Hayes, MP for South Holland and the Deepings, took a job on David Cameron's front-bench. So far, Mr Hayes appears to be supporting his new Leader's daily flip-flops on every policy from conversion to support for 'top-up fees' to promising 'no more grammar schools'.

But Daily Mirror political editor Kevin Macquire, writing in the current New Statesman, this week reveals an interesting behind the scenes development.

Sorry, couldn't get the link to work, but here it is in full...

Under the headline: 'The Tory Taliban flash the cash', Kevin writes:

First evidence of organised Tory resistance to Citizen Dave's coup is found on the floor of a Commons corridor. A £500 donation and epistle from a wealthy benefactor urges right-wing headbangers in the faith, flag and family Cornerstone Group to fight the forces of redefinition. Absent-minded secretary John Hayes dropped the cheque, and I helpfully reacquainted the MP with it. Sheepish Hayes denies Tombstone is a party within a party, though Dave may not see it that way when the Tory Taliban launch a website funded by another right-on sponsor.

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