Friday, February 24, 2006

...And those left in limbo

Cllr Mrs Bradwell has decided to "have another look" at proposals for merging schools in Gainsborough and on the St Giles Estate, Lincoln.

In Gainsborough, it was accepted that it might be possible to come up with a better option than merger.

Which begs the question: why have we not been allowed to consider all possible options for other schools on the closure list?

The daftest of all the mergers in the original proposals was to close down the wonderful St Giles Infants School and merge with the outdated former secondary school at Myle Cross.

I believe Cllr Bradwell will come back with new proposals to close Myle Cross and create an all through primary school on the St Giles Infants site.

Anyone who had bothered visiting these two schools never would have come up with the incredibly stupid idea of closing St Giles and forcing more than 400 kids into Myle Cross.

And months of uncertainty for a lot of people could have been avoided.

Wonder if Mrs Bradwell will be apologising?

Don't hold your breath!

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