Thursday, February 09, 2006

Tributes to Phillip

Can't claim to be a regular subscriber to the National Farmers Union's magazine, 'British Farmer and Grower'. But just seen their latest edition which carries a warm tribute to one of our local Euro-MPs, Phillip Whitehead who died suddenly on New Year's Eve.

NFU Regional Director Jack Ward says 'Phillip was a good friend to farming and the NFU and took a close interest in the industry...'

Mr Ward goes on to say Phillip was equally comfortable talking about issues affecting hill farmers as the problems of the sugar beet industry.

He was due to host a visit to Brussels by a group of East Midlands farmers when he died suddenly.

Mr Ward talks warmly of a polite, caring man, sympathetic to farming.

Phillip was one time chair of the group of Labour MEPs and former Derby MP.

I had the privilege of knowing Phillip over the past ten years. He was a regular visitor to Lincolnshire. He was also an amazing man in many ways who gave up a career as an award winning TV producer for politics.

Jeremy Isaacs described Phillip as "the most talented TV producer of his generation".

In 100 years time, when they want to teach children about World War Two, I believe they will show them Phillip's series "The World at War".

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Anonymous said...

A lovely person, Phil. I remember him when he came to Deeping a couple of years ago. May he rest in peace.