Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Will our MP put people before politics?

With MPs voting today on new laws to tackle terrorism, I'll be looking to see if local MP John Hayes puts our country first rather than the Conservative Party as he did last time.

In November, Mr Hayes helped defeat Government proposals for 90-day detention for terror suspects.

Despite the London bombings, Mr Hayes told the Lincolnshire Free Press (15 November)he voted against the plans because that was the decision of his party.

He said: “I am a front bench Conservative and as such I have a collective responsibility to support my party.

“The people who elected me did so because they wanted me to represent themselves and the Conservative Party."

Mr Hayes went on to say that he had made his personal position known to his colleagues in the Party but there was a risk of the Conservatives descending into chaos if he and other Tories didn't support the party line.

OK John, but what about chaos in the country if we give the signal to the terrorists that Britain is a soft touch.

If John listened to those who voted for him rather than his political masters, my bet would be that the vast majority would expect him to vote for the 90-days.

Today John has a chance to put the safety of the nation before the future of the Conservative Party.

Watch this space!

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