Friday, February 24, 2006

No closures in my backyard, says Martin

Who's behind the schools closure and mergers policy which is in total tatters tonight?

Step foward Martin Hill, Leader of Lincolnshire County Council.

Farmer Martin is councillor for the Billingborough area in the south of the county.

Would you be surprised to know that there are more than 200 empty places in the primary schools he represents?

At Rippingale Primary for example, which is in his electoral division, over 70 per cent of the places are unused. That's SEVENTY per cent.

That a much higher proportion of surplus places than at ANY of the schools listed for closure because of, er, ....surplus places.

So what does Martin say about that?

Last month, The Local newspaper asked him.

Here's what he said:

"With careful thought, imaginative thinking and co-operation between local schools, they will all be able to stay open."

Today, Martin was telling local radio why schools in other parts of Lincolnshire had to close.

Doesn't that take Not in My Back Yard to new depths?

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