Saturday, February 25, 2006

Read about the Whistleblower and the Leader?

Plenty of coverage in the national papers on London Mayor Ken Livingston's removal from office for a month after a Standards Board of England hearing.

Of more interest locally is another Standards Board hearing which has been taking place this week.

I'm talking about the case against Bourne county councillor Ian Croft.

Much of the hearing so far has focused on Cllr Croft's role in the removal of the council's Chief Executive David Bowles, the whistle-blower who went to the police over the conduct of former Council Leader Jim Speechley.

His evidence eventually helped send Mr Speechley to prison for abuse of power.

I scanned the local papers but couldn't find a word - perhaps they're saving the story for next week's editions.

Fortunately, the freelance journalist Richard Orange has been following the case.

His website report gives a fascinating insight behind the scenes of the Conservative leadership at the time.

Worth a look at

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