Friday, February 15, 2008

Why Boris Johnson is not fit to be in charge of law and order...

Boris Johnson said this week that if elected Mayor of London, he will take over running the Metropolitan Police Authority.

But a secret tape between Boris Johnson and convicted fraudster Darius Guppy demonstrates why it would make a mockery of law and order to put him in charge of policing London.

Guppy was one of Boris’s chums at Eton. Years after they left school, Guppy was trying to track down News of the World journalist Stuart Collier who had been digging into his dodgy background.

In the secret tape, Guppy asks Johnson, then a Daily Telegraph journalist to supply Collier’s address. Guppy make it clear he wants the information from Boris so he can have Collier beaten up.

Instead of running a mile, Boris asks Guppy how badly the journalist would be beaten up,

Johnson tells his school chum that he will provide the contact details as requested providing his involvement is kept secret.

Guppy was later convicted and jailed for a £1.8 million insurance fraud.

The only time Boris has spoken publicly about the episode was when was confronted by Ian Hislop during an episode of Have I got News for You.

Boris Johnson laughs off the episode.

But now he has made it clear he wants to be in charge of law and order, isn’t it time he was asked some serious questions…?


Tim Worstall said...

More on that story from someone who was involved.

Anonymous said...

Good article on the pro-Ken site here on all this:

Anonymous said...

Mayor of London Ken Livingstone has been forced to suspend one of his senior advisers over corruption allegations.

But Mr Livingstone says he has full confidence in Lee Jasper, his adviser on equality and policing.

He has called on the Metropolitan police to investigate the allegations so Mr Jasper can clear his name.

The Evening Standard newspaper claims organisations linked to Mr Jasper received millions of pounds in grants in return for apparently very little.

"I am being prevented from clearing my name, black organisations across London are being weakened by a systematic campaign in the Evening Standard from seeking funds, and a deliberate attempt is being made to divert attention from the real issues confronting London at the mayoral election," Mr Jasper said in a statement.

Mr Livingstone said Mr Jasper was being subjected to a "trial by media" and criticised the London Assembly for refusing to scrutinise the issue.

"I believe this investigation will exonerate Lee Jasper and show this to be a shameful campaign," the London mayor said.

"As the interests of London are best served by putting an end to this malignant political charade I have concluded that a full police investigation is the most authoritative way to end this story once and for all."

The incident attracted criticism from rival Boris Johnson, the Conservative candidate for this May's mayoral election, who said "millions of pounds of taxpayers' money has been wasted or trousered by cronies of the mayor".

"It is clear that the mayor's handling of City Hall is descending into sleaze, chaos, and now cover-up," Mr Johnson said.

"How can the mayor possibly focus on crime, housing and transport when he is mired in maladministration?"

Mr Livingstone's campaign team hit back against Mr Johnson's comments with their own attacks against the Tory favourite.

It alleges a tape recording exists in which Mr Johnson agrees to give "fraudster Darius Guppy" the address of journalist Stuart Collier so Mr Collier can be "beaten up".

"In contrast to Johnson's unsubstantiated claims today, the case against him is a matter of record and should be fully investigated, particularly given its extreme relevance for anyone who wants to be involved in crime and policing in London."$1204673.htm

fairdealphil said...

Thanks Geoffrey:

Note that Ken Livingstone invited the police to look into these matters, not the other way round...

A couple of weeks ago a Tory MP was arrested. Loads of media hype (not repeated here), but police now say there will be no charges against him.

Ken should not be judged on these matters until we know the facts.

In contrast, the facts about Boris and Guppygate are in the public domain and he has admitted the daming secret conversation took place in which he agreed to provide information needed to get a journalist beaten up.

Tim J said...

"In contrast, the facts about Boris and Guppygate are in the public domain and he has admitted the daming secret conversation took place in which he agreed to provide information needed to get a journalist beaten up."

And didn't, of course. As Tim Worstall says, you might like to have a look at Freeborn John's site, if you're at all interested in answers to your questions.

fairdealphil said...

Thanks for your comment tim j.

The guys who plotted to behead a British soldier didn't succeed either.

You may have seen they've been found guilty of conspiracy to murder and have rightly were last week sent to jail for life.