Friday, February 15, 2008

More Tory hypocrisy on MPs expenses...

Tory MP John Hayes has been accused of hypocrisy in the wake of the Derek Conway expenses scandal - by his own local paper!

A couple of weeks ago, the Honourable Member for South Holland and the Deepings tabled parliamentary questions demanding the salary details of top earners working on London's Olympic bid.

But when Mr Hayes was asked by his local paper to say how much he paid his own staff - at taxpayers expense - he told them it was none of their business.

Mr Hayes told the Lincolnshire Free Press that he would never reveal precise salaries because he would not expect bosses at other companies to reveal employees' pay.

He also claimed there were data protection issues to protect such information.

But he defended his right to know how much staff are paid at the Olympic Delivery Authority.

Mr Hayes told the Free Press that said his parliamentary question about salaries at the Olympic authority was “a separate issue” to his questions over how much public money he pays his six staff – including his wife who Susan.

A few days ago, I declared my support for John Hayes to employ his wife (despite his dirty tricks to mislead local voters over my own expenses).

This time he's on his own...!

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Anonymous said...

Hayes does not connect with the Spalding public, he may cut it with a few wealthy farmers and business men but generally he is regarded as vain and conceited. He has the mentality of some private club member telling the great unwashed to keep their noses out of his affairs, even though we are the ones stumping up the cash for him and his like. Sure, it may be so that we live in a country where the super rich can aviod paying tax and at the other end of the spectrum, the work-shy can claim benefits and allowances, but just like our greedy MPs they are not breaking any rules. It's about time the rules were changed in the interests of social justice, if not all respect for rules and authority will continue to be eroded.