Monday, February 25, 2008

Hillary shows signs of desperation while Nadar wades in...

Hillary Clinton first said what an honour it was to be on a platform with Barack Obama - but later attacked him full-on, accusing him of using disgraceful smears out of the Republican campaign handbook.

Desperate to do well in next week's crunch states of Texas and Ohio, Hillary cried 'Shame on You Barack Obama', in what appeared to be a moment of desperation at failing to win any of the past 11 state nominations.

There were even reports over the weekend that she may be preparing to quit as the Obama steamroller appears unstoppable. But Hillary is a Clinton and she ain't no quitter.

However, whether she's right or not on the issue (health care insurance), I suspect her no-hold barred attack will backfire and only serve to boost Barack Obama's chances of winning the Democratic nomination.

But in this race, nothing is certain. And we'll have to wait and see. Even if Hillary loses both Texas and Ohio, some pundits say she'll attempt to carry on in the last-ditch hope of picking up enough of the so called 'super' delegates who go to the Convention with no firm mandate.

Meanwhile, even worse news for the Democrats: once highly respected consumer champion Ralph Nader announced he will run for the White House again.

Eight years ago Nadar split the anti-Republican vote and effectively gave the world President George W. Bush.

Some people never learn...


Anonymous said...

I saw a report on Newnight recently that stated that even if Obama gets most of the delegates Clinton could still get the nomination anyway!

fairdealphil said...

Morning Geoffrey:

It's certainly a baffling and complicated system - i'm not even sure the so called pundits understand what's going on sometimes.

They have certainly proved way out on their predictions more than once...

But if the loser becomes the winner, that surely can't be good for the Democrats or for Democracy...?

Anonymous said...

I agree but thats politics - if you don't fit in you don't fit in!