Friday, February 01, 2008

Shamed MP halved secretary's wages - while his son says 'Fuck Off I'm Rich'...

The Tory MP branded an embezzler has now been accused of HALVING his secretary’s wages to poverty levels – at the same time as handing his sons and their friend tens of thousands of pounds in public money in overtime and bonuses.

Derek Conway’s son Henry parties the nights away in champagne nightclubs – and is reported to have recently hosted a Fuck Off I’m Rich party.

In stark contast, the MP’s secretary is said to be a hard-working single mother who lives in a council house and who has been forced to claim state benefits to support her income.

The Daily Mail today says Conway halved her wages to just £7,875 last year, claiming that ‘money is tight’.

Weeks earlier, he handed his son a massive bonus paid for by the taxpayer – despite no evidence that he actually done ANY work. And three months after halving his secretary's wages, he gave an £11,000 a year assistant's job to a close friend of his hoo-ray son Henry.

The Mail also reveals that Hoo-ray Henry has thanked his friends for their support as this week’s scandal unfolded – including Prince William’s girl-friend Kate Middleton.

Derek Conway has treated the House of Commons like a gravy train. He has given new meaning to the term top-up fees. Like millions of others, I struggled financially to get my two daughters through University. It was hard work, but today they are both qualified teachers and both paying back their student loans.

Conway has been caught with his snout welded to the trough in a way that puts Alan B'stard in the shade.

He's demonstrated his total lack of decent values. And he's shown exactly what he thinks of the ordinary hard-working folk who thought they could trust him to be their voice in Parliament - a so-called honourable member.

There's no surprise his son says: "Fuck Off, I'm Rich". Like father, like son.

Millions of people of all parties and none are rightly disgusted, shocked and angered by Conway's disgraceful behaviour - and no amount of claims that Conway is suffering a "witch-hunt" by Tory MPs like his friend Roger Gale will convince anyone.

Every penny of public money the MP has claimed since he was first elected a quarter of a century ago should now be fully scrutinised. And every penny he was not entitled to must be paid back. With interest.

He seems to have shown no compassion even for his hard-working secretary. He deserved none in return.

For example, I believe we now have a right to know how Conway funded the fees (currently £8,000 a term) to put two sons through Harrow public school.

From reports of how they've turned out, sending them to Harrow appears to have produced a pair of wasters.

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