Monday, February 11, 2008

Obama wins Maine for five in a row, as Clinton's campaign manager steps down...

CNN predict Barack Obama will win the Democratic caucus in Maine - giving him a clean sweep of all five contests over the weekend and putting him almost neck-and-neck with Hillary Clinton for the nomination.

Hillary is a narrowly ahead in numbers of delegates secured with 1,148 over Barack's 1,121. But he has won more states, and he clearly has the all-important momentum going into crucial contests tomorrow (Tuesday).

Hillary is reported to have lent her campaign $5 million last week and after her showing on the weekend she has 'replaced' her campaign manager.

The Democrat circus now heads for Maryland, the District of Columbia and crucially Virginia where battles take place tomorrow...

Meanwhile, John Edwards who dropped out of the race after Super Tuesday last week, is reported to be having meetings with both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, but he's keeping tight-lipped over which, if any, of the front-runners he will support.


Anonymous said...

What people can vote for H. Clinton? Sorry but she is not suitable for office of president in US. She demonstrates a little bit reduction of intelligence and insults all blonde women as their main representative. She is really less intelligent even as Bush himself. She said in the last time that idea of war in Iraq was great idea ( she voted for this war too. ) and the only main mistake was not sending bulletproofs vests for troops. So if she would be a president she would not withdraw troops from Iraq, this illegal war would be continued maybe for 10 years or maybe more till the end of USA and till the last Iraqi will be killed , but she makes following: she will send bulletproofs vests there. She will have to send visors for her soldiers too and what about roadside mines? Do Visors and bulletproofs save army of US in Iraq? It seems than not. Statement of Clinton is proof for total lack of imagination of this woman. Every politician, who can not foresee the consequences of own desicions and does not see own hard mistakes, is not suitable.
Besides what with Iraq further and what with price of oil. negotiations with Iran and Syria should be a long time ago started and a concrete point should be set. But what representatives of Iranian officials would like to negotiate with such president who votes for sanctions against their country and threaten with war just as Bush and Clinton. Voting for this woman is real mistake. She will not change nothing. She will ruin other countries and own US by accident.

Anonymous said...

Yep, it looks like Obama could get it. Present opinion polls point to a convincing win by him in a contest with John McCain, whereas Clinton's neck and neck with our hawkish GOP chum.

Anonymous said...

I hope Obama does win because McCain will kick his ass when it comes to fighting terror and security!

fairdealphil said...

Sadly, 'kicking ass' seems to sum up the Republican manifesto in recent years.

btw, may i assume from your comment that you believe Hillary would NOT kick McCain's ass...?

Either way, I'm sure we can agree that the US Elections now appear competitive.

Amazing that only a few months ago, Hillary was a shoe-in, not only for the Dem nomination butfor the Presidency.

Now Obama is giving her a real fight.

And on the Republican side, McCain was written off not long ago, now a contender.

Only in America...??