Wednesday, February 13, 2008

UPDATED: Obama wins 3 more states as Clinton's deputy campaign manager quits

Looks like Barack Obama is having another good night at the office. CNN say he's winning the primary in the crucial state of Virginia by something like 60-40 over Hillary Clinton.

If he also wins Washington DC and Maryland tonight, it could be very difficult for Hillary to come back: But before tonight's polls were even closed, she was in El Paso, Texas for a big rally ahead of the biggest night of primaries still to come on March 4th when Ohio and Texas choose their nominee. For good measure, Hillary is reported to have done satellite TV interviews today with ten separate TV channels in Ohio, Texas and Wisconsin where the primary takes place next Tuesday.

Barack Obama will hope to also do well next Tuesday in Hawaii - the State where Barack grew up.

Worrying news from Virginia tonight for Hillary: At the start of the campaign for the Democrat nomination, she had the support of many black Americans. But husband Bill's attacks on Barack Obama seem to have backfired. In Virginia, CNN says the black contender picked up 90-per-cent of the black vote, easily his biggest proportion in any state so far.

Even worse for Hillary, he appears to have outvoted her among women - said to be Hillary's backbone of support.

UPDATE: Barack is now ahead not only in states won, but more importantly in terms of number of delegates. He has 1,170 delegates, she has 1, could hardly be closer, but for now, Barack has the magic momentum...

UPDATE 2: Clinton's deputy campaign manager quit tonight says CNN who precict Maryland and Washington DC comfortably for Obama. In DC, he's winning by a massive 3-1 margin...

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