Sunday, July 22, 2007

Cameron's Eton chum quits...

David Cameron hoped things couldn't any worse after his humiliation in Ealing Southall and Sedgefield this week and calls for a vote of no confidence in his leadership from at least two of his own MPs...but then this.


Anonymous said...

Sold any Honours this week or has it gone a bit quiet?

Supply & demand old Son, "make Hay while the Sun shines" as old Phoney Tony used to say, or was "it get out, while the goings good"?

Anonymous said...

Phil - off topic and we don't often agree but...

You seem to have a serious pest problem. The thread on the McCanns is out of control. It seems you have become the target of a malicious and nasty campaign. Many of the statements on the thread are a disgrace and completely baseless. In fact I would think several of them are potentially libelous(if it is you or the posters who is liable I am not sure). At the very least they are grossly offensive to a family that have been the victims of a crime. I would suggest you delete the comments and close the thread to avoid further upset. The subject has ceased to be topical any more.

Hopefully the vermin organising this campaign will shortly die a slow and painful death.

Doris said...

Hello Michael Oakeshott and Phil

Some of us have NOT made any disgraceful statements about the McCanns nor accused them of anything that they themselves haven't already said themselves: that they had left three children under the age of four years old alone.

The problem is that they seem to take the view that it is OK to leave their children on their own with just checking on them.

"At the very least they are grossly offensive to a family that have been the victims of a crime."

Sure enough they have been victims of a crime (although some don't think that but that is their opinion) but because the McCanns are so blase over their part in it all it is somewhat worrying. Especially, when people like Phil stand up and say they have done similar.

Now, if someone had left a sum of money on their bed in an unlocked holiday apartment and it was taken, you'd have some sympathy but ultimately think they were a pratt for being so silly. Can you see where some of us are coming from.

And just to draw your attention to one more point, if it was a single person or a low income family who had done similar then I'm afraid that Social Services would have swooped upon them by now and removed the remaining children. It does seem like a rule for one and one for others.

Finally, it actually looks very bad on Phil not to respond to this Thread. I'd have thought a well worded post on the subject having thought about the various arguments would have been the best way to damage limitation.

Anonymous said...

You have suggested that the McCanns are lying when they say their child was abducted. Do you have any proof? No. So it should be treated with contempt.

I don't really take any view on the subject. I just think they have enough problems without people(who know nothing about the circumstances) causing more problems with unsubstantiated and slightly barmy stories.

Phil doesn't need to respond. He just needs to shut the lunatics up and delete their offensive lies.

Anonymous said...

With respect, you seem to be taking a very aggressive stance - would you like to take this opportunity to declare whether you have a personal interest in trying to defend the actions of the McCanns?
I don't think the fact that they left three infants sleeping alone, in an unlocked apartment in a foreign resort, night after night, whilst they went out drinking with their friends is in dispute, is it?
Or the fact that childcare facilities were on offer, but declined?
And neither do I think that I am being nasty or malicious when I say that this kind of neglect should not go unchallenged. Surely this would set a very dangerous precedent, would it not?
And I don't yet know whether or not it has been proven beyond reasonable doubt that the McCanns are the victims of a crime (abduction?), or the perpetrators of a crime (neglect?), or both.
And finally, I'm a little surprised to read that you no longer think this subject is topical anymore when the McCanns are going to great lengths to see that it is. Are you then suggesting that their efforts are ineffective?

Anonymous said...


are you seriously suggesting that what you term as "neglect" is on a par with kidnapping and abduction...?

Anonymous said...

Fao Anon 7:22
Re: are you seriously suggesting that what you term as "neglect" is on a par with kidnapping and abduction...?
I have not suggested that these offences are on a par - I think you must have misread the content of my comment. However, a crime is a crime is a crime and as such, all should be investigated.
One wonders, however, if a kidnapping or abduction (or indeed any one of a hundred or more mishaps) would have taken place if those infants had been accompanied by a responsible adult, as I'm sure you must agree they should have been.

Doris said...

Michael Oakeshott said...

You have suggested that the McCanns are lying when they say their child was abducted.


I think your message was in response to mine and on that assumption I am a little mystified. Did I at any point say that the McCanns were lying? I have never said that. However, I am saying they were negligent and like anyone else, should be called to order for their part in the whole matter.

If we are supposed to just give them sympathy then we should remember that in most other cases when the parents don't present as "educated" or "middle class".

Doris said...

Michael Oakeshott said...

Phil doesn't need to respond. He just needs to shut the lunatics up and delete their offensive lies.


These "lunatics" may well be members of his electorate, or could be in the future. I don't think taking the approach you suggest is wise or politic.

Anonymous said...


so you live in the deepings...or even england?

Anonymous said...

I think Phil would do well to think carefully before he puts Finger to Keyboard.
Publicly admitting leaving young Children alone in his Home unsupervised aka neglect, isn't going to win him any "Friends".

Michael Oakeshott suggesting that "The subject has ceased to be topical any more." is as deluded as FDP.

This one won't go away matey, you've dropped a right clanger.

Anonymous said...

Michael Oakeshott said... "Phil doesn't need to respond. He just needs to shut the lunatics up and delete their offensive lies."

Hmm offensive lies, didn't we go to war on the strength of those?

Is it Labour policy to delete anything they find uncomfortable?

If you could point out exactly what has been said against FDP that is liabelous I would be grateful, is simply quoting something he has posted liabelous now?

MPs can stand up in the "House" and make any kind of liabelous statements they please without fear of prosecution, with hold details of their financial dealings under the veil of the Official Secrets Act & ignore the no smoking in enclosed places due to their privileged staus. Doesn't make it right or fair, power corrupts & absolute power corrupts absolutely.

I don't intend to die a slow death as you put it Mikey Boy, so why don't you just dry up & blow away in the general direction of Labour Party HQ?

Be a Man & face your accusers FDP.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Oakeshott.
You have heightened many peoples awareness of the Mccann's neglect of their children a great deal.

By being verbally abusive to caring people concerned for any childs safety, you seem to have brought far more attention to this subject than if you had said nothing at all.
I'm sure that the Mccann's will be truly grateful to you for
heightening peoples awareness about their behaviour towards their children.

From all of the people concerned about the Mccann's and FDP's child neglect and all childrens future safety, we wish to say 'THANK YOU VERY MUCH for the publicity.

As the saying goes:
There's no such thing as "BAD PUBLICITY".

Ted Foan said...

Well you know what they are saying about Lincolnshire these days - there are more potatoes than brain cel...

No, I can't say it in reverence to Margaret Thatcher. But, then again, now that Quentin Davies has joined Labour perhaps it's true?

Anonymous said...

1. No interest in defending the McCanns. Just a decent person who has sympathy for their plight(ie. a normal person).
2. The issue has ceased to be topical. The Authority HAS ALREADY dismissed the silly petition. It's already gone away "matey".
3. Several of the posters have hinted that they are not even of voting age(I'm not interested in debating serious issues with children). You may well be the future electorate, but given your incompetent efforts at persuading Leicester Social Services, I doubt any of you would be intelligent enough to find the polling booth n the big day. In any case, I have no intention of standing for public office(better things to do), and none of you have a clue how I would vote(hint: it ain't Labour, oh no).
4. Even worse, one of them was Australian. I mean really. Really.
5. Elizabeth has again cast doubt on the McCanns being the victim of a crime. Does someone have to prove they have been the victim before a crime is investigated? Any proof? Of course not, you are just vicious vermin casting lies.
6. Johnno - I'll try and keep this simple, because you are. Read carefully. FDP has no case to sue, and I didn't actually suggest he did. However his blog has carried allegations that these victims have perpetrated a crime. There is no proof whatsoever for this. Any sensible person knows this to be false and malicious. I would suggest that FDP, or the individual who wrote this, would be vulnerable to prosecution. I will email the campaign and provide them with details. Most of the people who posted the libel were stupid enough to link to their blog(oh dear, not very clever are we?).

In most cases, when I disagree with with someone, I can accept their right to argue their point. But when people stoop this low, they are obviously ill bred vermin. The Authority are ignoring you. The police are ignoring you. And the media are ignoring you. You are scum and no one listens to you. Have you thought of suicide?

Anonymous said...

I have thought of your suicide Mike but it was merely a wishful thought alas.

As you seem so quick to descend to name calling it is blatently obvious that you are one of the "Blinkered" people who think that neglecting small Children is ok & have no argument to justify such actions.

As for being simple, compared to the great Philosopher with the same name as your self (who unfortunately died in 1990)I suspect that you May well be.

Anonymous said...

I don't even have children. So much for that argument eh?

Anonymous said...

Mr. Oakeshott,

Just because you do not have children does not make child neglect alright.

If you see a crime and do either nothing to prevent it or at least report it, then you are as guilty as the person who commits the crime.

Condoning any child abuse/neglect of children is just as bad as aiding and abetting anyone in such an act.

If you do nothing to have it stopped, that merely makes you look like a very cowardly person.

I sure the world should be extremely grateful that you have no offspring to pass on your snobbish attitude to others.

I really don't give a fig for your opinion anymore than you give for mine or other peoples.

But until Free Speech is banned, you can do absolutely nothing at all about it.

As for name calling, that usually comes from a person running out of words and who has no solid or reasonable answer to give in reply.

To be honest, this doesn't make you a man, it makes you into nothing but a bully who cannot get his own way.

Methinks, the man doth protest far too much and too loudly.

Please do keep up the insults as they are not only extremely amusing
but, they also make you look like a small minded person.

But, that is only in my opinion.

"The only bad publicity is no publicity at all".

So thanks to you Mr. Oakeshott once again for bringing such awareness to the Mccanns and the way they left three very vulnerable children all on their own.

I am completely in your debt for making such a big noise with your opinion and your name calling!

It gives much more strengh to the
argument that the Mccann's did leave their children (which they admitted quite openly in an interview on Sky televisiom) whilst going out and acting like a single couple and not as normal responsible parents of children.

Thank you once again for your 'help' by raising awareness of these very sad excuses of the Mccann's as parents.

Doris said...

vera broughton said...

Mr. Oakeshott,

As for name calling, that usually comes from a person running out of words and who has no solid or reasonable answer to give in reply.


Absolutely Vera Broughton! I've been pretty surprised at the insults being hurled when some of us have not said anything too contentious except reflect on the state of a very sad and tragic situation. (Even if Madeleine is returned unharmed it is still tragic because she must have missed her family.)

Anonymous said...

Vera Broughton said: "Condoning any child abuse/neglect of children is just as bad as aiding and abetting anyone in such an act".

No it isn't.

Loop the loop day here isn't it?

Anonymous said...

So "Michael Oakeshott"
We can assume from your vitreolic rantings that not only do you think that child neglect is acceptable, but that you are a rascist too!
I recognise your adolescent comments from the online petition in which you so enjoyed taunting, bullying & verbally abusing others - and I don't believe for one moment that you are the slightest bit interested in debating this topic seriously ... you are simply spoiling for a fight, aren't you?
You should be ashamed for attacking those who are sensitive enough to actually care about the welfare of others & to try to make a difference.
"You are scum and no one listens to you. Have you thought of suicide?". Really, "Mr Oakeshott" do you think that is an acceptable comment from a civilised rational adult? I think not. Rather, it suggests to me that you should seek some anger management therapy.
And furthermore young man, I am not prepared to be used for your own entertainment and amusement and therefore will not be dignifying any further comments from you with an answer.

Michael Oakeshott said...

There is no "s" before the "c" in racist. I would suggest learning how to spell a word before using it. Part of the rich tapestry of life that.

I will console myself over your failure to respond with this thought: there is nothing to debate - a very decent family have been the victims of a horrible crime. I support their plight. You do not. Let others judge who is right here. But don't claim to speak on behalf of the public(as others have done here) when you are so obviously as dim as a 20 watt light bulb.

fairdealphil said...


thanks for your advice...

i certainly don't agree with the malicious and nasty campaign to prosecute the McCanns after their daughter was abducted...

The campaigners may well be misguided, but I don't share your wish that they die a slow and painful death...

fairdealphil said...


don't forget Jim Speechley.

look him up. and enjoy.