Thursday, July 12, 2007

Changing Britain...Changing World.

First person I saw when I stepped back on British soil last night was an airport worker on his hands and knees. At first I thought he was cleaning the floor but quickly realised he was actually on what was presumably a Muslim prayer mat.
The first person I spoke to was the passport official who had to decide whether I was a genuine Brit with a right to enter the UK. He appeared to be of Asian descent.

The hotel where I had stayed in Cyprus was run almost entirely by migrant workers - mainly from Bangladesh and Poland.

The first TV report I saw on my return was about Chinese migrant workers setting up businesses over their border in the emptiness that is Russia's far east (5,000 miles east of Moscow).

Newsnight reported Russian action to expel the Chinese out of fears that they could eventually lose huge tracts of land - which the Russians and Chinese have spilled blood over within our life-times.

Separate but related issues of course.

I don't know too much about Russia's far eastern corner, but I have no doubt that here in the UK, immigration and migrant workers overall make a positive contribution to our society, not least by boosting the strength of our economy.

Back to work now, maybe more later...

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Anonymous said...

Welcome back Phil.

Trust you had a lovely time.