Saturday, July 28, 2007

Lincs gets grants to help flood youngsters...

Lincolnshire children affected by last month's floods are to benefit from a Government grant of more than £200,000 to the county according to BBC Radio Lincolnshire.

The cash is Lincolnshire's share of the Government's £10 million aid package and will support summer activities for youngsters housed in temporary accommodation during the school holidays.

The money will also help fund family support workers.


Anonymous said...

The interesting thing is that while Davdi Cameron was visiting flood hit victims in Lincoln our own MP Ms Merron was visiting flood victims in Louth!

How bizarre!

Anything to do with the fact that flood victims in Louth got government money whilst here own constituents in Lincoln got nothing?

fairdealphil said...


Pleased to see that Dave made it back from Rwanda.

Did you see the hilarious clip of the Rwandan TV reporter asking him why he was in Rwanda and not dealing with the mergency facing his own constituents.

Of course, he was damned if he went to Rwanda and damned if he cancelled...

Ms Merron is Gordon Brown's Minister for the East Midlands which probably explains why she's visiting Louth.

I'm sure if she hadn't visited the flood victims in Louth, you'd have more to say...