Saturday, July 21, 2007

Labour's Quentin Davies campaigns against travellers' site in Stamford...

Our local Labour MP - Quentin Davies MP - has joined the campaign against possible travellers sites in Stamford announced by South Kesteven District Council. Quentin told the Stamford Mercury

Stamford, in case the district council has forgotten it, is the oldest conservation area in the country. It is one of the loveliest – I always claim the loveliest – stone town in England. Only Bath really rivals it. As such it is a major tourist attraction and much of the business and therefore the economy of Stamford depends on tourism.

Stamford also has a major traffic problem. Jams regularly stretch half a mile north and south of the single bridge.

Far from my concerns being selfish, I am quite convinced that Stamford is quite the wrong place for the travellers themselves.

Many of them live on benefit. If they are to have any chance of getting into a job and escaping from permanent welfare dependency, they need to be near a major source of employment.

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