Monday, July 16, 2007

Watch out for Writs from Lits...

A Tory blogger fetes outrage about that £4,800 cheque handed to the Labour Party by the man annointed Tory candidate in Ealing Southall a few days later.

But PragueTory has a different tack to most.

He's seemingly unconcerned that Tony 'Tory (Play) Boy' Lit was handsomely supporting a Labour fundraiser just days before he was hand-picked and paraded by David Cameron as the perfect candidate.

PragueTory was busy blogging before Sunday breakfast. Under a post ironically labelled Labour Sleaze(who's he trying to kid?), PT warns us to watch out for Writs from the Lits.

He suggests that Labour MP Tom Watson, may have broken the law in publishing the evidence on his blog - which was later splashed across acres of Sunday newspapers and almost every TV news bulletin yesterday.

PragueTory says Tom's was the riskiest post he's seen published by an MP.

He warns the MP - and anyone else considering exposing the facts - that the Lit family are financially solvent (so it's OK to libel anyone who's broke then...?)

Sometimes risks are in the public interest.

Without the evidence of the cheque - and the wonderful photo of Mr and Mrs Lit cosying up to Tony Blair - the story might have made a diary clip or two, but definitely not the front page treatment it was deservedly given by the Sunday Telegraph and The Observer among others.

And Tony Lit may not have been fully exposed as a naked opportunist.

So I reckon MP Tom's done the voters of Ealing Southall a great service. And all in the nick of time before polling day.

Anyway, here's the cheque they're all talking about.

Oops. Does that mean I'll be in the dock alongside the fearless MP (and no doubt a posse of Fleet Street editors and TV bosses who picked up on the story after it was run on Tom's blog)...?

Since the cheque is definitely in the post, I'll wait for the writ too.

Meantime, I'm wondering if PragueTory will be setting his alarm clock a little later next Sunday...


Anonymous said...

Any news on your action over the leaflets in the last council elections Phil?

Or was that just your version of what you are accusing Prague Tory of?

You might not be a councillor any more but you are still a hypocrite.

Anonymous said...

Save your gloating for Thursday night Phil (if you've got anything to gloat about that is)?

fairdealphil said...


keep watching.


not gloating, but note that today's tory papers report that Cameron's had his worst weekend since becoming Leader...

As you say, we'll all be watching for the results on thursday...

are you out campaigning Geoffrey?

Do you agree with Mr Cameron that Mr Lit is "the perfect candidate"...?

Anonymous said...

No Phil, I've long since giving up watching on this particular subject. I have merely put the incident down to bad losing. Still at least it gives you more free time.

Anonymous said...

I do agree that Mr lit is the perfect candidate as will be proved on Thursday.

I was out campaigning with a couple of PPC friends on Monday but back at work in Oxford now until saturday before I head off to Blackpool for the weekend and some free tickets to the Stan James World Matchplay darts.

fairdealphil said...


you're not the only Tory activist to abandon the Ealing ship...

hope you enjoy the darts We have Woolfie Adams, the world champion in Deeping St James of course...

Anonymous said...

Still in Ealing until the death.

Just about to go out to do some last minute knocking up with Grant Shapps.