Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Falling crime across Lincolnshire welcomed...

Lincs Free Press report on latest crime figures.


Anonymous said...

I'd love to meet the person stupid enough to believe any of these figures. They say you shouldn't mock the afflicted, but someone like that would sorely provoke me.

My favourite part of the Boys in Blue's long congratulatory article was this gem...

"The only areas of increase were a 17 per cent rise in recorded drugs offences, which I put down to increased police activity and intervention".

Indeed Mr Plod. Would I be wrong to attribute the "falls" in other crimes(sic) to "decreased police activity and intervention"? Nu Labor would brand me cynical. No doubt they would like to send my sort to jail. If only they had the foresight to build enough of the places.

It's a good job gullibility isn't a crime, otherwise the editors of the unfortunately named Lincs Free Press would be doing a long stretch as we speak. Mind you, if they write drivel like this, then maybe it should be made a crime.

Does anybody know the real figures?

Anonymous said...

i've never met a single person who believes them.

they are full of what they smell of - bull****!

fairdealphil said...


i don't expect you believed them either when crime doubled and violent crime trebled under Tory watch...

If you haven't met anyone who believes the figures, may i suggest that meet any of the five Conservative county councillors who I serve with on Lincolnshire Police Authority.

I believe they all, like me, have confidence that whether they show a rise or a fall, the statistics signed off by the Police Authority and the Chief Constable are an honest relection of crime in Lincolnshire.

The truth is we're now a low-crime county in relative terms.

Our police deserve the support of our whole community across Lincolnshire to cut crime even further.

Anonymous said...

Oh Phil believes them. I see.

Insert your own punchline here!