Friday, July 20, 2007

Labour's twin historic by-election victories...

Just arrived home from the Ealing Southall by-election, totally exhausted. But what a perfect result:

An endorsement for our new Prime Minister Gordon Brown - and disaster and rejection for David Cameron, who has once again demonstrated desperately poor judgement.

Anyone who has met the new MP, Virenda Sharma, knows he is a thoroughly solid, decent man who will be an excellent MP for the most diverse constituency in Britain.

Great result too from County Durham where Phil Wilson was elected to replace Tony Blair as Labour MP for Sedgefield - and where Cameron's Tories fell to third place.

I've known Phil for over ten years and know he'll be a first rate representative for the people of Sedgefield.

Historic Victories...?

Yes. Governments in third terms tend not to hold seats in by elections: in fact the Tories lost EVERY by election between 1989 and 1997.

Last night Labour won TWO with handsome majorities...


Anonymous said...

Gloat gloat gloat Phil!

fairdealphil said...


not sure if that's an instruction or a complaint...!

i'll take it as the former, particularly after Tory predictions of winning Ealing Southall from yourself and others.

Anonymous said...

When did I say we would win please?

If I did I must have had a few.

fairdealphil said...


can't be arsed to go through previous posts checking to see if you predicted a win - certainly the Tory campaign manager - your mate Grant Shapps was briefing that the Tories would win...

until it was exposed that Tony Lit's company had helped pay for Labour's campaign of course!

Anyway, have a few more Geoffrey!