Saturday, December 06, 2008

Why Bullingdon Boris is not fit to be in charge of policing...

Mayor of London and self-appointed chairman of the Metropolitan Police Authority Boris Johnson is under fire for contacting a suspect in a police investigation.

He's also probably prejudiced any trial by publicly suggesting that it's unlikely any charges will come of the said investigation.

Don't say you weren't warned and warned again about Bullingdon Boris's lack of fitness to be in charge of policing in our captial city...


Airborne said...

Yes i agree Phil, the Police should be Apolitical. What do you think about this though Phil when we need to save money;
While British pensioners face the choice between ‘eating or heating’, UK taxpayers will cough up nearly £500 million on schools and hospitals in Pakistan in a bid to buy off Islamist extremists blamed for terrorist attacks such as that in Mumbai last month.

This figure is in addition to the £1 billion given to Pakistan in July this year. Much of the cash will be spent on improving education in the border areas of the country to tackle the near non-existent levels of schooling.

Pakistan — which has nuclear weapons (image alongside) and the seventh largest army in the world — is the second biggest recipient of British foreign aid after India, which has its own space programme. Both are therefore quite clearly undeserving of any foreign aid at all, if they can afford armies, atom bombs and spaceships.

There will now be an additional emphasis on assistance to the border areas as well as on education, with more than 250 million pounds being made available to bring 5 million children into school. In terms of the July 2008 aid package, British taxpayers also gave £50 million pounds to Pakistan’s State Bank to open financial services for ‘poor people in Pakistan.’

In total, the UK will spend £480m over the next three years in Pakistan. The plans will be outlined this week in Glasgow when ministers will consult the local Pakistani community to discuss ways of delivering the cash effectively.

Anonymous said...

Are you trying to tell me that this whole debacle had nothing to do with the fact that it all happened on Sir Ian Blair's last day?

No wonder over 20 Labour MPs alone want Gorbles Mick out!

fairdealphil said...


Whenever the police operation happened and whatever the rights and wrongs of whether the police should have been allowed to search an office at the House of Commons in the course of their investigation, it surely cannot be right that the Chairman of the Metropolitan Police thinks it is right to phone someone he has been told is a suspect in a police investigation - after being confidentially briefed on the operation by the by a senior police officer.

When the suspect in this case happens to be an MP of the same party, Boris's behaviour seems even more questionable.

And when he then tells a public meeting that its unlikely any charges will be made, is he not prejudicing any trial...?

Anonymous said...

My fear is that Green ay escape trial on sone tecnical triviallity, aided and abetted by Boris.


Anonymous said...

Is this the sae "airbourne" who is so enthusiastic about the following blogs ?

Richard Barnbrook
Simon Darby
The Home of The Green Arrow

Perhaps he might like to coment on this


No wonder most normal decent people believe that BNP stands for British Nonces Party.

Airborne said...

Phil have you seen this message above, i am very surprised you have printed that type of thing.

fairdealphil said...


i've not seen the links referred to in the comment, but thought it a fair question, albeit from 'anonymous'...

Airborne said...
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