Thursday, December 18, 2008

How did death Land Rover pass an MOT...?

Four young girls died in their father's badly botched Land Rover when it ran into a river in Lincolnshire. Today, their father faces a possible prison sentence as the heart-break story and photos of four beautiful girls are splashed across the front of the Daily Mirror.

Well done to Lincolnshire Police for securing the conviction after describing the vehicle in a Lincoln court as the worst maintained of its kind they had ever seen.

But if the death vehicle was so poorly maintained, how did it manage to pass its annual MOT test...?


Anonymous said...

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Laban said...

"Well done to Lincolnshire Police for securing the conviction"

The guy has four dead children to contemplate. Well done the police for giving him something else to worry about.

I'm sure a prison sentence will help him and his surviving family come to terms with what has happened. Fortunately there are plenty of spaces now that all the murderers are on early release.

fairdealphil said...


A secret meeting of bloggers?

Hardly likely, eh?


fairdealphil said...


I take the point that a prison sentence may or may not be appropriate - that will be a matter for the court to decide taking into account all the circumstances including the terrible loss of four of his daughters.

Of course, he never set out to kill them, and nothing can bring them back.

But the fact remains that all four would probably be alive today had their father not turned his vehicle into a death trap by his incompetent mechanical 'modifications'.

I stand by my 'well done to Lincs Police' comment. As I understand it, they recovered the vehicle from the river and carried out extensive tests which established its dangerous condition.

I don't believe it was for the police in this case to take the view that because he lost his daughters, that should be an end to the matter.

I'm sure the Judge will remark on that when he passes sentence in the New Year.

Without the court case, the Daily Mirror - and others - would unlikely have had the harrowing story of the mother's grief on their front page.

Hopefully, the story will help other potential bodgers to think twice before making 'modifications' to vehicles which could prove dangerous - and hopefully avert a future tragedy.

Of course the father never set out to kill his four daughters, and yes, he has a life sentence of knowing what he has done. So there is a mixture of emotions from anger to sympathy for the terrible loss suffered by him, the mother, the surviving family and other relatives.

You may not have read the link I posted to the Daily Mirror's report from the court's an extract which may help:

"Killer driver Nigel Gresham's patched-up Land Rover was so unsafe it should never have been allowed on the road.

"The vehicle had at least 30 major defects when he lost control of it and ploughed into a freezing river at high speed killing four of his seven children.

"Police said the bright yellow motor was the worst maintained one they had ever come across..."

Anonymous said...

And there was me thinking comrade Dilks was in Stalin's inner circle.

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Anonymous said...

Is it true that lot's of the big names failed to turn up anyway?