Friday, December 12, 2008

Miners champion who took on the greedy lawyers...

Good news that two of the greediest lawyers who got rich creaming millions of pounds from compensation payments to sick miners have been struck off. But if they are guilty of ripping off their clients, shouldn't they be locked up and made to pay back their ill-gotten gains?

In allegedly trousering a staggering £24 MILLION from the pockets of the miners who put their trust in them, one of the lawyers reportedly became Britain's highest paid solicitor. They are both apparently planning to appeal being struck off, claiming they have done nothing wrong.

It seems they were only doing what many others in their 'profession' were also doing!

Exposing their greed is a huge victory for Notts Labour MP John Mann (pictured).

John deserves a medal for his tireless campaign over many years for miners and their families who have been shortchanged by unscrupulous solicitors.

Knowing John, I'm sure he won't give up his fight for justice until every solicitor involved has paid back every penny piece due to the miners, their widows or their surviving families.

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