Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Vote Labour or the fox gets it...

As the Government's focuses on helping people get through the world economic downturn, it appears that Her Majesty's Opposition have a rather different priority...changing the law to legalise hunting animals with dogs!

I notice that the advert next to the coverage of the local Boxing Day gathering of horse and hound in my local evening paper the Peterborough Evening Telegraph has this link which leads to an appeal to stop cruelty to animals before it occurs.

Not sure whether it’s clever advertising or merely a happy juxtaposition, but good to see the RSPCA which campaigned to get hunting with dogs outlawed remains one step ahead!

Tory moves to bring back hunting with dogs reminds me of a now classic leaflet produced in the parliamentary by-election in Eddisbury in the late 1990s, when fox-hunting became a dominant issue.

Sadly, I no longer seem to have a copy, but well remember the headline:

Vote Labour or the fox gets it!


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year to you too Phil.

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year to you too Phil.

Chris Gale said...

Thanks Phil, yes the odious Countryside Alliance are going all out for a Cameron victory so they can get their twisted so called 'sports' back.
We must expose this to the public.

Anonymous said...

Oh - your naivety is so ridiculous 'FairDeal'.

As a former journalist, you really ought to read the papers. If you did, rather than spouting pathetic propaganda, you would realise that, sadly, 'hunting' ( and I do not mean drag hunting) is at even higher levels than before the ban.

Also, Phil - much as we are all animal lovers - me most of all, the attention of voters either this year or next ( and, remember, we have local elections in June plus European polls)- people are going to vote on human concerns - their jobs, savings and homes.

You mention that your local paper is The Peterborough Evening Telegraph.
May I ask, therefore, why you have never penned a letter attacking the pathetic Tory MP, Stewart Jackson - or done anything whatsoever to help the current Labour PPC, Ed Murphy?

Rather like last time round, Phil? Hoping for an opportunity for personal benefit?

Answers on a postcard please - and not on regimental paper.

Anonymous said...


me smells labour in-fighting.

Anonymous said...

The comments of 'anonymous' are pretty pathetic. The ban on hunting was backed by probably the biggest post bags of letters etc MPs have ever had.
Also, people (the decent majority) think killing for 'sport' is wrong and it will be noted that a poltical leader who wants to re-legalise barbarity and torture the most defenceless can hardly be looked at as someone who will care about people.
Animal welfare issues can sway elections,especially in closely fought contests. The Tories will find that to their cost.

Airborne said...

I think country sports is a great British tradition. Long live Beaufort Hunt.

Anonymous said...

Lets make it fair - Arm the foxes !