Monday, December 22, 2008

Public must have confidence in child protection services...

I have today made a public appeal to the Leader of Lincolnshire County Council to show some political leadership in making public the findings of a review following a case of child abuse which resulted in a mother being sent to jail.


Anonymous said...

I know the girl in question and the officer who first arrived on scene.

If anything the sentence shows how soft on crime your government has become!

I know of only one case worse than this and it was on the same estate.

Three years ago a mother told her child to enjoy Christmas because mummy wouldn't be around much longer.

Very shortly after Christms she committed suicide in a council flat on the Ermine Estate.

Sick or what?

Its called council estates under Labour!

fairdealphil said...


Try blaming Labour as you do, but surely the big question is what lessons can be learned, if any, to better protect children on the Ermine and across Lincolnshire.

That's why I'm calling on the Leader of the County Council to intervene and give assuarances that the findings of the internal inquiry WILL be published and not kept secret.

Protecting children should be above party politics, but last time I looked Martin Hill was not a member of the Labour Party!!)

btw, the mother was sentenced to 18months in jail - I wasn't in court, not know the full facts of the case, but from what I've seen, it seems about right to me.

Re your comments about council estates, you should be aware that child abuse knows no boundaries, as evidenced by the royal butler convicted yesterday...