Thursday, July 03, 2008

BREAKING NEWS: Boris's Deputy Mayor faces sexual misconduct inquiry...

It has been revealed that Boris Johnson's Deputy Mayor was 'struck off' by the Church of England after complaints of sexual misconduct some years ago.

I understand the new Mayor is currently holding a press conference where he says he will launch an independent inquiry into the allegations against Ray Lewis who he appointed as Deputy Mayor days after his election victory a couple of months ago.

As well as allegations of a sexual nature, it appears the media are also asking questions regarding Mr Lewis's financial dealings.

Boris Johnson is apparently standing by Mr Lewis - who denies the allegations - and refusing to suspend him while the inquiry sits.

I seem to recall that was similar to Ken Livingstone's response after allegations were made against one of his key aides Lee Jasper, who eventually resigned after a relentless media campaign against him which for weeks dominated the Mayoral election campaign.

Will be interesting, to say the least, how this story runs, now the boot appears to be on the other foot.

UPDATE: Guardian looks at the potential damage to both Boris Johnson and David Cameron who has apparently heaped praise on Ray Lewis...

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