Saturday, July 05, 2008

Boris's Deputy: How the Standard tone changed as story unravelled...

After my moan earlier Friday that the London Standard hadn't splashed the big story of the allegations against Boris Johnson's Deputy on their first edition, it's only fair that I show you the front page of their final West End edition which I picked up as I headed for home this evening.

And I have to say that the billboards matched the change in tone as the story unravelled.

Unfortunately, Ray Lewis's resignation came too late to hit the Standard's news-stands.

Too early yet to see a hard copy of Saturday's Daily Mail, but Newsnight showed the early front page which I recall is headlined: Boris: the wheels are coming off already.

I guess we'll have to wait patiently for the Sunday papers to see how much of the damage from the Ray Lewis scandal sticks to either Boris Johnson or David Cameron...

UPDATE: Here's the Daily Mail front page, courtesy of the Sky site.

UPDATE 2: And here's the Indy which devotes its entire front page to the story...(or rather what's left after all the promos). The Indy story and analysis is well worth a read.


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