Saturday, July 05, 2008

Ken on 'The incompetence of Boris and the crisis for Cameron...'

Former Mayor Ken Livingstone sums up the chaos of two months of Boris Johnson running London.

When the story broke on Thursday, Ken gave support to the Tory who beat him, saying Boris was right to 'stick by his man' unless and until the allegations produced evidence.

But with Boris's choice of Deputy Mayor Ray Lewis forced to resign after it was revealed he wasn't even a magistrate as he claimed, Ken told the BBC Today programme this morning:

In a mere two months in office Boris Johnson has already suffered the second resignation from among his most senior officials - Deputy Mayor Ray Lewis following Deputy Chief of Staff James McGrath two weeks ago.

In my entire eight years in office I suffered only one enforced resignation of any of my most senior officials, Lee Jasper - and that only after seven years.

This extreme contrast shows vividly the incompetence of Boris Johnson and his administration.

It is an equal crisis for David Cameron who, it should be remembered, chose to make his first photo opportunity as Tory leader with Ray Lewis.
Spot on Ken!


Anonymous said...

Phil, even a full team of paramedics and an air ambulance would struggle to breath life into this story.

Get a grip.

fairdealphil said...

you may be right - with more tory sleaze breaking this morning, the focus now seems to be on the dodgy activities of wee georgie osborne...

hope you enjoy the tennis and the F1...