Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Why I missed the flight of the Vulcan...

The only downside of a trip up north to meet my newborn grand-nephew at the weekend was knowing I'd miss the last flying Vulcan bomber at the RAF Waddington airshow.

After years of restoration funded by millions raised through public subsription, the Vulcan received its safety certificate last Friday - in the nick of time for a spectacular display on Saturday.

I wondered if I might be able to make it back home to Lincolnshire in time for Sunday's flight of the Vulcan - but instead stopped off at my daughter's near Loughborough where I managed to catch TV coverage of Lewis Hamilton's storming performance in the British Grand Prix, most of the best ever Wimbledon final, a quick go on her Wee machine, and a splendid roast dinner!!

A great weekend, so no complaints.

In the event, an engine fault grounded the grand old delta wing on Sunday and it could only manage a fast taxi, much to the disappointment of a sell-out 55,000 crowd at Waddo.

The Lincolnshire Echo has angered Vulcan enthusiasts by using the word 'flop' in their headline to describe Sunday's no-fly.

I grew up down the hill and a couple of miles from RAF Waddington: from my bedroom window I often watched night-time take-offs and landings of the giant Vulcans - and recall the distinctive roar of the engines.

So despite not being too sure that keeping the Vulcan flying is the best use of resources at a time of global warming, I do hope there's another chance soon to see the Vulcan fly.

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Anonymous said...

Whats this, Jonny Redwood getting a certificate of safety ? Never !