Wednesday, July 02, 2008

BREAKING NEWS: MP calls for resignation of Police Authority...

MP Quentin Davies has called for the resignation of Lincolnshire Police Authority after they were 'capped' for trying to impose the highest council tax precept in the country.

Last week, the Government stepped in and halted the massive 78.9% increase, cutting it to 26% - and giving every ratepayer in Lincolnshire a refund of some £70.

Mr Davies is angry at what he calls the Authority's
complete irresponsibility in demanding such an absurd level of increase.
He adds:
They are directly responsible for the expense of rebilling the public...they seem to me to have no regard at all for the interests of Lincolnshire Council Tax payers and they have seriously undermined their own credibility by such extreme demands...
Strong stuff.

For the record, as a member of the Police Authority and a Lincolnshire ratepayer, I take no pleasure in the current position.

For the record, and the avoidance of doubt, I spoke and loudly and clearly AGAINST such a massive increase and was one of those who voted against it in February, as posted at the time HERE.

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