Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Tories don't work for our community...say Tory councillors!

All-out war has broken out on the political right in Essex after eleven Conservative councillors resigned en-masse from David Cameron's party.

In a bitter wrangle reported in the East Anglian Daily Times they complain that the Tory Party no longer works for their local community.

They quit the Conservative Party after months of bitterness between rival factions inside local Tory associations.

Now they are publicly taking on the Conservative Party by standing in next month's local elections under a new party banner Tendring First.

The official Tories are rising to the fight with a new set of candidates who have stepped up to serve the Party.

The Conservatives admit their new slate is inexperienced and set the tone of the campaign by saying they haven't been around for ever and a day...

Strange how the Conservative Party only seems to have noticed that their councillors had apprently passed their sell-by dates after they left the Conservative Party!

If Tendring Conservatives are looking for a campaign slogan, perhaps I might suggest: Put Tory First, Tendring Second...?

It will be interesting to see what impact the split has on 3rd May.

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