Saturday, April 14, 2007

Honour among thieves after dispicable burglary...

A teenage burglar from Lincolnshire is starting a three-year prison sentence after he was shopped by fellow-criminals disgusted that he stole Christmas presents from a one-year-old disabled baby.

A young single Gainsborough mother on low income spent months saving to make sure her baby had a decent Christmas. She was devastated when a burglar entered her house a fortnight before Christmas and ripped open the presents she had collected.

The burglar even sat on her son’s bed and consumed chocolates wrapped up for the child before fleeing with as much as he could carry - and the baby's money box.

A member of the public rang police to identify the offender. Forensics later found his fingerprints on some of the discarded wrapping paper.

After further tip-offs, police discovered the culprit hiding under loft insulation.

Lincolnshire Police say some of those providing information had even more convictions than the buglar himself, which shows how sickened the local community felt about his dispicable actions.

Bet he won't be bragging about his crimes to fellow inmates.

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