Monday, April 02, 2007

Shocking record of council which says 'do as we tell you, not as we do' on recycling...

Thousands of pounds of our money is spent by our local council urging us to step-up recycling. But guess how much waste produced in South Kesteven Council’s own offices is recycled...?

Here's a clue: Last year, the council's offices at Grantham, Bourne, Stamford and Market Deeping generated 390 tons of waste - most of it paper.

The shock answer is that not a single ounce was recycled: not even one solitary sheet of paper.

That's the dismal record of failure from a council that constantly lectures its residents on, er, recycling.

The Grantham Journal reports that instead of practising what it preaches, all 390 tons last year went straight to landfill – transported there by contractors hired by SKDC.

It’s an absolute disgrace and a shocking example of the arrogance and blatant hypocrisy of SKDC which constantly wastes public money and treats the residents it's supposed to serve with outrageous contempt.

Ray Auger, the DSJ councillor responsible for recycling and waste management at SKDC in Grantham, should hang his head in shame.

It's another case of 'Do as we tell you, not as we do!' and it's simply not good enough.


Brynley said...

They must be mightily embarrassed.

There is Ray Auger saying the public will be fined for recycling offences.

And there he is, doing no recycling at all back at the ranch.

Brynley said...

A revealing exchange in the House of Lords last week about rubbish collection.

Lord Greaves pointed out that charging households individually would lead to more flytipping and neighbour disputes.

Lord Rooker for the government just blanked out these points.

Lord Greaves might have added that people will use public rubbish bins rather than their own when the charges come in.

Anonymous said...

Who does this Auger guy think he is?

He stood as a LibDem, was elected as a LibDem, then forgot to tel us he had switched to the Tories..

Why? Because the Tories offered him a nice litle earner as an Executive member.

He's sold out long ago and does what the Tories tell him to do.

Has anyone heard of his Tory stable mate Bryan nice but dim Helyar.

At least he was elected as a Tory.
But where does Helyar live...?

Not in Deeping.

Surely, not even the Tories will have the gall to run these two no-hopers again.

They have done nothing for Deeping and are in the pockets of the Grantham mafia.