Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Is the A46 the worst killer road in Britain...?

Does Lincolnshire have the worst killer road in Britain? Channel Four thinks the A46 Lincoln to Grimsby road is certainly among the worst.

I didn't see the Cutting Edge programme on Monday evening, but it has provoked a lively debate.

Film-maker Jonathan Smith showed how a split second decision on the roads can "cast a shadow over a family far beyond the tragic accident..."

Dave Poucher of North East Lincs Council, told ITV's Calendar News that he hopes those who saw the effects of a fatal accident on families might make people drive more safely.

Over on BBC Radio Lincolnshire, Paul Coathup, a senior officer from Lincolnshire County Council highlighted what he called the success of the local Road Safety Partnership over the past three years.

He says incidents on the A46 north of Lincolon have been reduced by about 60% with over £100,000 being invested in low-cost, high-value engineering works, targeted enforcement and a full education programe.

I believe the worst "killer road" in Lincolnshire used to be the same A46 south of Lincoln.

But (fingers crossed), the road has become much safer since it was dualled (thanks to the Labour Government!) from the A1 at Newark to Lincoln - a major road building project which has put our county capital on the map and led to economic growth in the city.

But of course, roads are not killers - bad drivers are.

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Anonymous said...

The road only needs a simple central barrier and that would of stopped a lot of the deaths on that road and a proply thought out slip road to exit lacby heading towards usual it takes a hammer to crack a nut..i see the council have final done something...but to little too late as usual

Geoff miller